Timeless and ageless, jeans are a staple in any wardrobe. And for good reason, because it’s universal and can be worn day or night. It goes just as well with pumps as it does with sneakers. As a bonus, it can be paired with a beautiful color palette and matched with all sorts of accessories. Surely you have a number of denim items in your closet. But we all have our favorite pair of jeans that we particularly like. The one that we wear in summer and winter, that reassures us, that perfectly fits our morphology and that wants to be so comfortable. Unfortunately, even if it occupies a place of choice in our wardrobe, we admit that we have a hard time. Through wear and intensive washing, it has lost its unique cachet. However, our favorite jeans are worth taking care of to ensure their longevity. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to keep it looking like new!

The most common mistake that damages denim and makes it lose all its luster is none other than washing it too often. Moreover, this point has caused a number of controversies: some people insist that it is important to wash your jeans regularly, while others are more inclined to occasional cleaning. Still others believe that it should almost never be washed. Difficult to deal with all these mixed reviews. So what would be the middle ground? How can you effectively care for your jeans and keep them clean without compromising their lifespan? Here are the right things to do.

How to keep a pair of jeans looking like new for years?

Originally, jeans were part of the clothing of American miners and ranchers who were looking for an inexpensive, comfortable and durable material. Today, it is widely used and democratized and is one of the must-have items in our wardrobe. Equipped with style, jeans are now a must to enhance all our looks, from the most classic to the trendiest. However, to enjoy your favorite jeans longer, it is important to know how to take care of them properly. It is first important to know better the materials of these pants. Make sure that the label says a very low percentage of Lycra or Spandex, preferably less than 1%. This way you know that your jeans will not be easily damaged in areas like the knees. It’s also important that you don’t wash your jeans too often. If you wear them every day, here are some helpful tips to keep them looking good longer.

What is the best frequency to wash jeans?

First, you need to know that denim is a special and very durable material. It doesn’t get as dirty as other fragile and vulnerable fabrics. However, like any garment, jeans are not immune to bacteria and microbes due to dirt. Since we are used to wearing it often and under all circumstances, it will inevitably accumulate residue, sweat marks, dead skin cells, etc. However, its fabric has the advantage that it does not easily take on unpleasant odors. Ideally, specialists recommend placing it in the washing machine after 5 or 6 uses. To prevent it from fading and its fabric from tarnishing, it would be even more advisable to wash it by hand.

How to properly wash your favorite jeans?

To begin with, it would be ideal to soak your jeans well before putting them in the washing machine. Follow the care instructions on the label. In general, washing by hand and in cold water is more recommended: However, since we do not always have the opportunity to do so, it is then necessary to take some precautions in the washing machine. Be sure to use a cold or gentle wash cycle so as not to alter the color of the pants. It is also advisable to turn it upside down to avoid any risk. If you notice a large stain in your jeans, do not try to rub only that area so as not to wash it out and promote a visible trace. It is best to wash all pants. Be careful, drying must not be brutal, otherwise you risk both discoloration and shrinkage. So do not wring it out violently, preferring to put it between two towels to soak up excess water. It is strictly discouraged to use the dryer or the iron, as they damage the fabric. Always air dry your jeans! However, since time does not always allow us to follow these procedures, you can preserve the color of your jeans longer by adding white vinegar to the water in which you soak your jeans. This powerful ingredient will perfectly deodorize it while removing stains. Also, in order not to change its appearance, make sure to fold it well on a flat and hard surface. This is the only way you will be able to store it neatly afterwards without unsightly wrinkles forming. It should also be stored in a ventilated place, far enough away from other clothes so that the denim fibers can breathe well.

NOTE: How to wash your jeans properly by hand? Let it soak in a tub or bucket of water for 30 minutes. It would be ideal to use cold water or water at room temperature.


Why not wash your jeans too often? According to experts, repeated washing, especially in the machine, is harmful because chemical detergents are used that can change the original color of the pants. Faded jeans sometimes look stylish, but are not necessarily to everyone’s taste. Especially since the detergent can also weaken the denim, which is usually a very strong material. In the long run, it is therefore likely to tear more easily.