No matter how much pressure you apply, your remote control hears nothing and does not work. Surely it was the batteries that gave up the ghost! Oops, how do you manage to give up watching TV and stream your favorite show? Don’t panic, there are very insightful solutions to continue using your remote without batteries. Here are a few.

Battery failure? Here are the solutions available to you!

The remote control is a real gem for your home. What a comfort to be able to lie down on the sofa or bed after a hard day’s work and finally relax in front of the TV. Usual and systematic reflex, we immediately reach for that little box to zap freely, increase the sound and find a movie or series in streaming. But during the manipulation you notice an unexpected blockage. Either the remote is idle or it just doesn’t work. Panic on board! Yes, but this is not so surprising. If you don’t remember to change the batteries from time to time, it is normal that one day you will become a victim of such a breakdown. In fact, since their life is limited, constant use will shorten it considerably. Good news: in case of discharged batteries, some experts have found solutions to remedy the situation without necessarily having to change the batteries.

How do I use the TV remote without batteries?

Although you always have them at hand, the remote control does not last forever. The battery can quickly run out and you’re stuck. Fortunately, there is no shortage of tutorials on the Internet that will help you find effective solutions. As a bonus, you can fix the situation in no time if you have some handy skills. Some technicians recommend removing the batteries and opening the inner compartment with a screwdriver. Then take a power bank, open it, take out the battery and cables. The idea is to connect the power bank battery to the internal cables of the remote control. As mentioned earlier, it takes some skill to pull the cables through and successfully integrate the new battery into the remote. Once the process is complete, you will get a full charge without the need for replacement batteries. It is not so difficult to put it into practice, but in case of doubt or lack of manual control, it is better to contact a technician or expert in this field, who can intervene in a few minutes.

Alternative methods when the batteries are low

There are also some small tricks that can be used if the batteries of the remote control are dead. The first, very popular method is to simply turn the batteries over. Of course, this is just a temporary solution that will save you the time of changing them in the short term. Also, useful seems to be a homemade technique with aluminum foil: you just need to take a small piece and apply it directly to the dead battery. The flap should be folded on itself three times, then the foil should be placed on the positive terminal and not on the negative terminal. The foil will then act as an energy conductor and give the batteries a second life. Finally, if a battery dies and you can’t replace it, the easiest and quickest solution is the following: Take a screw of the same length as the spent battery and then make contact at both ends (in the same way as the battery). This way you will benefit from a fresh and ready battery for a few days.

Why do the remote control batteries discharge so quickly?

In absolute terms, battery life decreases depending on the frequency of use of the remote control. With repeated use, excessive consumption of the battery will cause it to discharge and possibly fail. This happens especially if you constantly ask it to perform operations on the home theater screen or in applications, if you use the touchpad frequently, or if you use the microphone (voice recognition) excessively.