Meghan Markle knows how to live healthy. From yoga to healthy smoothies, we reveal what the duchess swears by for a healthy lifestyle.

Meghan’s 7 tips for a healthy lifestyle

It’s not easy to balance a stressful everyday life, family life and self-care, including a balanced diet and mental health. Duchess Meghan shows how it’s done and reveals everything she does for her radiant beauty and well-being. We have summarized the seven most important tips for you.

  1. Eat a balanced and healthy diet

Every one of us likes to snack from time to time and eat unhealthy foods now and then. Duchess Meghan is no exception. She says in an interview with Best Health magazine, “I could eat fries all day. And I love pasta. I love carbs – who doesn’t love carbs?”

  1. Relaxation through wellness

Duchess Meghan loves to pamper herself with wellness treatments and facial massages. For this, she swears by the treatments of British skin care and beauty expert Nichola Joss in particular.

The “Inner Facial” developed by her is a technique in which the face is massaged from inside the mouth with latex gloves. This creates perfect contours, plump skin and a healthy complexion. The face looks altogether more vital and youthful.

  1. A calm, inner center through meditation

On stressful days, Meghan’s key to happiness is Vedic meditation. Vedic meditation is non-religious in nature and involves a silent mantra aimed at finding inner peace. Initially, Meghan found daily meditation daunting, as she wrote in a post on her former blog, The Tig, because she was distracted by her own thoughts and boredom. But despite skepticism, she stuck with it and after a year realized how much happier meditation has made her. Meghan encourages everyone to try it at least once, writing, “The worst thing that can happen is to give yourself 10 minutes of quiet in an endlessly noisy world.”

  1. Juices instead of coffee

When the afternoon slump threatens, Duchess Meghan has discovered a better fitter than a coffee or energy drink. Instead, she has her own recipe for a delicious smoothie. Here’s how it works:

  • 1 packet of shake powder of your choice (vanilla flavored, for example).
  • ½ cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon or turmeric
  • some chia seeds
  • ½ cup almond milk
  • ½ cup coconut water
  • Blend everything together in a blender and you have a healthy energy booster.

If you prefer to buy a smoothie, watch out for hidden sugar in the drink.

  1. Diary for a clear head

Especially in difficult times, it can be helpful to get your worries off your chest. Journaling helps here: in a diary, you reflect on life, everyday life and your own feelings.

Duchess Meghan knows this too. She keeps a diary in which she lists everything that moves her and that she experiences. She explains what she gets out of the routine in a podcast: Reviewing her day allows Meghan to think about where she’s coming from, she says, and opens up a lot of perspective. Sometimes when you go through something, it seems like the biggest thing in the entire world, but in retrospect, the events often don’t seem so dramatic anymore, the duchess explained.

The most important thing for her in a healthy diet, however, is to make sure you have the right balance. She says, “I try to eat a vegan diet during the week and then I’m a little more flexible on the weekend with what I eat.” It would always be about balance.

The same goes for alcohol. She enjoys a glass of wine now and then, but stays within reason. For Meghan, it’s about knowing your body well and what works for you to feel good. Meghan also doesn’t describe her type of diet as a diet at all, but as “lifestyle eating.” So, the diet should always be adapted to your personal lifestyle.