How long does the perfect shower last? The experts answer and reveal how long you should stay in the shower.

We are in the middle of summer; the heat is making itself felt and the temperature is rising higher and higher. In these particular climatic conditions, the shower is the best solution to refresh yourself: There is nothing better to feel regenerated. Showering is a personal matter, there are no absolute rules, and we all have a unique routine. Nevertheless, there are many techniques and different theories about how you should shower, especially when the heat becomes excessive and suffocating. There are people who prefer cold, quick showers, but others who cannot do without a long, hot shower.

However, from a purely hygienic point of view, it is necessary to observe a certain time frame in order to completely cleanse oneself of impurities. The results of the studies speak a clear language, and the experts provide us with comprehensive data. This is a fact that does not quite coincide with the habits of many people. Let’s find out together how long you should stay under running water to eliminate all germs, dirt and bacteria. These minutes are enough and we eliminate them from our body.

Summer rain, the most common mistake

In the summer it is completely normal to feel the need to go to the shower more often than usual. At these temperatures, sweating is constant and the feeling that the body is completely sweaty or sticky is not pleasant at all. We never feel really clean: 15 to 20 minutes after the shower we have the feeling that we have neither entered the tub nor the cabin. This problem is the cause of a very common mistake, washing too often.

How long does the perfect shower last?

Be careful, good personal hygiene is essential for physical health, but if you overdo it, several types of problems can occur. Washing too often can change the pH of our skin, stress it and lead to irritation and the appearance of blemishes. This happens especially when the shower water is very hot and therefore more aggressive. If you really cannot help but wash more than two or three times a day, experts advise fresh water and few chemical agents. By chemical agents we mean shampoos, soaps and the like, which can be aggressive if used repeatedly in the same day. But how long must the perfect shower last? Let’s find out together in the next paragraph.

How much time should you devote to the shower?

You may have never thought about it before, but the time we spend in the shower is crucial for its effectiveness. Spending too much or too little time under the water can be harmful. You should shower between five and fifteen minutes, depending on what you need to do. In fact, there are people who use the shower time to shave or apply special masks and compresses to the hair, and this ritual takes more time. In this season, summer, cold water should be used to promote optimal blood circulation.