Frequency of laundry is a big deal in my house, as it is in many families, that’s for sure! I have implemented color separation in several baskets, although some are obviously color blind. I try as much as possible to get my laundry detergent out in the evening, more ecologically, two to three times a week so I can hang laundry in the morning before I go to work. But I’m always hesitant about the dosage of detergent, right?

How do you wash laundry? Powder detergent, but not only!

Which do you prefer? Powder, liquid or pod?

Personally, I prefer liquid detergent because I have the impression that I get the washing of my laundry “better”, and with powder detergent I have already noticed on black laundry small white spots caused by pieces of detergent not well diluted during washing. So why?

Because powder detergent is more suitable for washing white laundry and stained clothes because of its effective bleaching agents. Liquid detergents are best for colored laundry but are often more expensive and less environmentally friendly.

Luckily, there is an alternative: laundry detergent in capsules!

Perfect for people like me who generously pour their liquid or powder detergent into the tubs of the washing machine without much care. The pads, as the name suggests, contain exactly the amount you need to wash your clothes. Subsequently, if you are not convinced by the products available in stores, you can also make your own laundry and get started! 100% natural, 100% ecological and effective.

How do I dose the detergent?

It all depends on how dirty your laundry is, how sensitive your skin is and whether the water is hard or chalky.

Why not add too much detergent?

Overdosing will cause your laundry to rinse poorly and can cause long-term damage to your machine. Soap residue can cause skin irritation or allergies over time. Applying too much detergent = using more = buying more plastic bottles = too many CO2 emissions = not quite as environmentally friendly!

 So, what is the actual detergent dosage for a machine wash?

Have you ever looked at the back of detergent bottles and packaging? Whether liquid or powder detergent, first read the recommendations of manufacturers, they are the ones who have the answer! There you can determine the preset dosage based on the weight of laundry in the drum of the machine. Example: for a machine with window and a capacity between 11 lb. and 17 lb., you generally need to fill between 2 tbsp and 3 tbsp of product. Use the measuring cap of the measuring canister to accurately determine the correct dosage.

To save energy and water, run your machines full without exceeding the weight, otherwise the laundry will not have enough space to be washed properly. Of course, if the laundry is very dirty, increase the amount of product to the basic dose, but without overdosing. Water also plays a role in the proper use of detergents. Yes! It all depends on its hardness, that is, the content of calcium and magnesium ions. Water quality is not the same all over the world.

But how do you know if your water is hard or soft?

Either you check your water values, or you buy test strips at the hardware store. Hard water is rich in dissolved salts and therefore more calcareous. In this case, it is necessary to increase the dosage of detergent and add a fabric softener.

What is the most environmentally friendly detergent?

There are many ecological detergents, but here are two tips for making the right choice:

  • Encourage manufacturing with natural, biodegradable ingredients.
  • The little detail that means a lot: check to see if the bottles are made of recycled or recyclable plastic. You can also recycle your detergent bottle when it’s empty. There are many cool ideas on the internet, such as turning it into a flamingo towel holder. A fun activity for your kids!

How do you make a laundry detergent with soap?

Any other machine tips? Yes always! Having clean and fresh laundry is a pleasure! We feel good, happy. But did you know that the scent of citrus increases the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness? Orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, you now know which detergent to choose or make, taking into account the dosage, of course!