How often we wash bed linen usually depends on personal preferences. Nevertheless, regular washing of bed linen is important. This is the only way to prevent mites and other microbes from conquering your bed. Learn here how often bed linen should be washed.

How often to wash bed linen – Fixed washing day

Although it may sound old-fashioned, having a fixed wash day will help you avoid accidentally overusing your bedding. While you sleep, your bedding collects sweat, dander, dirt, and possibly even makeup residue. This mixture provides an ideal breeding ground for various small creatures. These include bugs, mites, bacteria and fungi. Therefore, the following applies: wash your bedding at least every two weeks. If you are allergy sufferer, you should change and wash your bed linen weekly. The same applies if you sweat heavily at night or sleep naked.

Washing bed linen: Here’s what you should keep in mind

Always follow the laundry labels when washing your bedding. This will help you avoid damaging textile fibers by washing them too hot.

Rule of thumb: Wash your bed linen as hot as the laundry label allows. From a temperature of 140°F, you can be sure that germs and bacteria will not survive the wash cycle. Cotton bedding may normally be washed up to a temperature of 140 °F. Pure white cotton covers can even be washed up to 203 °F. Microfiber bedding is usually washable at 140 °F. As a rule, bed linen made of satin may only be washed at 104 °F in the washing machine. Silk, on the other hand, can only be washed at a maximum of 86 °F.

Tip: For bed linen that is not washable at 140 °F, add a hygiene rinser to the laundry. This disinfects the laundry – without the need for hot water. Use the washing machine program “boil wash” for bedding made of cotton. All other materials should be washed with a gentle program. Many washing machines are equipped with a separate program for silk. If your machine does not offer such a program, you can use a gentle program instead.