Those who are currently in their kitchen usually have company of fruit flies. We have tips on how to prevent the plague and what helps when it’s already too late.

It’s buzzing in the kitchen: In summer, fruit flies can become a real plague. Whether at the trash can, over the fruit basket – they are simply everywhere. With our tips, you can fight the annoying insects and prevent the causes of the plague.

Fruit fly alarm in the kitchen? Causes, control and insider tips

Fruit flies feel particularly at home in high temperatures: according to the Max Planck Society, female fruit flies lay up to 100 eggs a day. In nice summer weather of about 77 degrees, it only takes nine or ten days for fruit flies to hatch from them. In cooler temperatures it takes a little longer, but after two weeks the young insects are fully grown.

Where do fruit flies lay their eggs?

Fruit flies are virtually attracted to overripe fruit: they use rotting or fermenting fruit to build their nests there. And if there is no fruit in the house? Fruit flies also lay their eggs on dead or decaying parts of plants. Therefore, here are our first tips on how to prevent the causes of a fruit fly infestation:

  • Seal bottles of juice, wine and vinegar tightly. Thoroughly rinse out empties and deposit bottles.
  • Don’t leave food scraps in the kitchen and take out the trash frequently.
  • Discard rotting fruit.
  • Protect the fruit basket with netting or store fruit in the refrigerator, depending on the variety. Apples, plums or grapes, for example, like it a little colder.
  • Eyes open at the supermarket: don’t buy fruit that already has fruit flies buzzing over it. You could be taking a nest home with you.

How do I get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen?

  • If it’s still early and you only suspect that fruit flies have built a nest on your fruit: Dip it in a vinegar bath – this may destroy some of the flies’ eggs.
  • If the insects are already buzzing around your home, these tips for fruit fly traps will help:
  • Fill glass with apple cider vinegar, two drops of dishwashing liquid and a little water.
  • Fill glass with red wine and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio – add some dishwashing liquid to this mixture as well.
  • Put erythritol in a bowl – the sweetener paralyzes and kills the insects.
  • Build live trap with fruit: For this, for example, put a banana peel in a jar, then cover it with perforated cellophane film. The animals can then be released outside.

What do fruit flies not like?

Just want to get rid of fruit flies from your kitchen? These home remedies can help against the insects:

  • Hang a bouquet of holy herb (olive herb) in the kitchen.
  • Freshly picked tomato leaves, a basil plant or half a lemon spiked with cloves can also drive fruit flies away.
  • Place carnivorous plants such as butterwort, sundew or Venus flytrap in a bright place in the kitchen.

Fruit flies like summer – can they survive in the refrigerator?

Fruit flies multiply rapidly in high temperatures. To prevent them from laying eggs, cold weather works well. But the insects need temperatures below fourteen degrees to stop laying eggs. So, their reproduction is stopped in the refrigerator. Those who do not want to build traps, nor hang olive weed in his apartment: If fruit flies no longer find food, they will not stay with you.