Dark granite sinks are becoming increasingly popular as they add a classy touch to the kitchen. However, when it comes to cleaning the sink, things get tricky – especially in areas with chalky water. But don’t worry! We’ll show you how to clean your black granite sink and remove limescale. 

Cleaning black granite sink 

Generally, you can clean your granite sink just like any other sink. The downside to the black sink only becomes apparent when the cleaning water dries white streaks and stains appear if the tap water in your area is particularly chalky. There are several ways to remove limescale stains. 

Remove limescale with dishwasher tab or denture cleaner

The easiest method is to soak the granite sink and then clean it. According to the chef forum, this works best with a dishwasher tab. If you don’t have a dishwasher, but you do have braces or dentures, then you can also use denture cleaner to soak the black sink. You can also put the respective tab in a sock and moisten it a bit. This will make it easier to spread the “cleaner” on the sink. It is important that you rinse the sink well with water afterwards and rub it dry directly with kitchen paper or a microfiber cloth. 

Vinegar essence or citric acid 

Diluted with water, vinegar essence or citric acid are great home remedies for removing limescale. You can also soak the sink with the respective mixture beforehand. However, you only need to do this for very stubborn stains. Otherwise, it is sufficient to remove the lime with a soft sponge. 

Tip: There are also cleaning stones made of citric acid, with which you can clean the granite sink directly. 

Myth: Mineral oil 

Some experienced housewives recommend mineral oil for the care of granite sinks. However, it should be noted here that this cleaning agent must always be washed off with water and should not remain on the material. 

More tips from the forum 

In forums, experienced housewives exchange tips and tricks on the subject of “cleaning”. So also, about how to remove stains and lime. The most common answers were: 

DanKlorix – put 3 caps in the sink with water, let it soak in and then wipe the sink. 

Polish – Similar to the cleaning stone, you can use this to remove limescale stains and make the sink shine. 

Scouring Milk – Despite the name, this cleans gently as long as you apply it with a soft sponge. 

Baby oil wipes – Every four to five weeks, you can wipe down your sink with the oil-based wipes to protect it from lime stains. 

If you know how, you can remove even the most stubborn lime stains from your granite sink. What other tricks do you know?