You are in the shower to shake off all the stress of the day, and lo and behold, you notice that the water is flowing poorly. How many times has this happened to you? I imagine often. The reason why this happens is usually due to dirt and lime scale clogging the holes in the shower head and not making the water flow well. But fear not because removing limescale from your shower head is easy if you use these pantry ingredients! Plus, you won’t even have to disassemble it! Let’s see how to do it!


First, let’s see together how to use lemon juice to remove limescale from shower head holes in no time! All you will need to do is to equip yourself with a lemon and cut it in half. After that, extract the juice inside it and pour it into a bowl or basin containing half quart of water. At this point, dip an old toothbrush into the solution, rub it, then, over the dandelion at the little holes, leave it for an hour and rinse. You will notice that the holes will be free of lime scale and the flow of water immediately restored, thanks to the natural properties of lemon that can dissolve the outermost residues of lime scale and dirt. Obviously, this remedy is effective in the case of not-so-excessive limescale buildup and dirt involving only the outside of the shower head. We recommend, therefore, that you try this method every week so as to prevent scale buildup. Also, lemon can be used to remove limescale throughout the shower!

Bag method

If the scale on the holes in the shower head turns out to be more stubborn, then we can try this other trick, which involves using a plastic bag that you normally use for grocery shopping or storing food in the freezer. All you will have to do, then, is fill the bag with white vinegar, taking care not to put too much in to avoid breaking the bag, and add, then, two tablespoons of baking soda. After that, lift the bag, dip the showerhead inside it and secure it, then, with a ribbon or rubber band. At this point, leave it overnight and the next day open the water and voila: the water flow will be totally restored, and your showerhead will be as good as new! The use of white vinegar and baking soda, in fact, will create a product with a strong anti-scale action! We remind you, in fact, that together they are also a godsend for clearing clogged kitchen or bathroom drains!

N.B We recommend that you use a bag that is sturdy and large enough so that it will not break and will be able to cover your shower head.

Mop trick

Finally, let’s look at one last trick for thoroughly cleaning your shower head without having to disassemble it: the rag trick, which is an alternative to the bag method in that it is more immediate and easier! All you need to do, then, is to equip yourself with any rag, soak it in vinegar and apply it directly to the surface of the shower head without wringing it out. We recommend that you make sure it adheres well to the clogged holes so that it can work effectively. At this point, tie a knot with the rag itself or make use of a rubber band so as to secure it on the showerhead. If it is too heavy and cannot hold itself, you can also use food-grade plastic wrap and make several turns. Finally, leave it overnight and the next day make use of a toothbrush to remove the last traces of lime scale. You are ready to shower with a powerful spray like never before!