Thanks to this method, we can say goodbye to stubborn dirt on our toilet. Here’s what it is. Our home is the place where we like to live in harmony, and we do everything we can to keep the environment clean, especially those that affect our privacy, such as the bedroom and bathroom. In addition, a clean house also helps the mind to be more relaxed and tidy, and also helps with daily tasks, but stubborn dirt cannot always be defeated, and therefore we must proceed with some means.

Water: how to clean it according to a certain method.

These include detergents, which are always on the shelves of our supermarkets and household hygiene stores, but sometimes they do not quite work and we are forced to try others. Often the fault is neither us nor the ineffectiveness of these products, but the dirt that creeps into even the most unthinkable places and then remains for a long time. One of the places where dirt is most common is the bathroom, since it is the place where we do our business and take care of ourselves, and therefore lime residue is very often present. This settles on the faucets or on the showers in our bathroom and we have to find methods at home to remove it completely, for example, with a small ball of aluminum foil. We also find a black halo on the toilet, bidet and shower seals due to the oxidation of the silicone, which is difficult to remove as this element could be removed.

The fool proof method

The bathroom is, among other things, one of the places where odors can cause disgust, not only because of what we find in the toilet, but also because of the smells that can be exhaled from it. Sometimes, however, the problem is not our needs, but the sewers that tend to rise, especially on rainy days, releasing the stench so undesirable in our homes.

But there is a means to avoid all this, just take a simple surgical mask and cut off one of the two ends and open it well so that it looks like a bag. Inside we put first the rice and then the detergent, close everything with the rope at the end that we cut from our mask, and then take a jar and clean it well. In this jar we put more rice and more detergent and close it with the hermetic cap. Once this is done, we attach the bag created near the toilet while the jar on the toilet drawer. In this way we always have our toilet clean and perfumed and we avoid that the odors can disturb anyone who enters our bathroom, and the rice treats all the moisture and therefore reduce the lime residue like that of the drops of condensation.

Try this method and you will see how your toilet comes back as clean as it was just washed.