Unlike what you think, a washing machine gets dirty… Bad odors, poorly washed clothes and this can even affect the proper functioning of our machine! What are you waiting for to react and ensure good maintenance … now? You will have laundry that smells fresh. We will tell you everything you need to do! Let’s go!

Why is the maintenance of your washing machine so important?

Prevention is better than cure! Cleaning your machine is not only necessary to avoid malfunctions or loss of efficiency! Proper maintenance of your machine will increase its life. A clogged machine risks damaging your laundry and creating bad odors. It’s unpleasant! You probably get it! Maintain your machine to take care of your laundry! It’s that simple.

Grandma’s Tips: How to clean and disinfect my washing machine thoroughly?

Do you want to clean your washing machine and ensure a long life? With these tips you will clean it thoroughly. The result will be nickel! Let’s go.

We use baking soda and white vinegar!

If you run the washing machine empty, you can disinfect, descale and deodorize the inside of the machine. Easy too, right? Just follow our step-by-step instructions to do it. Our way to do it!

  • Pour directly into the drum a quart of white vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Under vacuum, start a washing cycle at high temperature (195 °F).
  • Let the machine run for 2 minutes and then take a break.
  • Let it rest for one hour.
  • Then restart the program. It is ready!

This technique is ideal for drum washing. The white vinegar disinfects the washing machine and eliminates all bacteria. Say goodbye to bad odors in the drum thanks to baking soda. What better!

Cleaning washing machine: We clean the detergent drawer!

Due to the accumulation of various products in the detergent drawer, dirt and lime deposits are formed by detergent residues. The result is mold growth and foul odors! One more thing: part of the detergent dose filled in the tray does not get into your laundry properly.

How about avoiding all these problems? It is possible ! To properly clean your detergent drawer, let’s follow the instructions!

  • First of all, take the tub out of the washing machine. Simple !
  • Then gently rub with lukewarm water and Marseille soap with a toothbrush.
  • Wipe the tray with a clean cloth and dry it before putting it back in place. Here goes. The detergent drawer is now spotless!

Clean drain filter: How to do it?

The drain filter plays a crucial role! It ensures the smooth operation of your washing machine and prevents the penetration of foreign bodies of all kinds into the device. This requires an interview every three months. For what? To loosen all the stuck dirt (grease, hair, etc.). And it is very easy! We follow these few steps and you’re done!

  • First golden rule! Turn off the washing machine and unplug the power cord.
  • We close the water supply.
  • In the place of the filter, a mop is spread on the floor and a basin is placed to collect the water. Before starting the operation, we put on protective gloves!
  • Unscrew the filter and then empty all the water in the basin.
  • Take out the filter and clean it with soap and clean water.
  • We wipe it off, reattach it and it’s done! The filter is now clean!

Clean the seals of your washing machine

For a thorough cleaning, do not forget the door seals! It’s safe! We recommend a quick and effective tip to remove the dirt stuck in the seals of your machine. Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to get started? Let’s go!

  • Sprinkle two tablespoons of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar directly between the rubber seals and the edge of the door of your machine. We’ll get it done!
  • We’ll close the door and then start a machine in rinse mode. That’s all!

This simple solution is really super effective! All the dirt disappears as quickly as expected! Maintain your drainpipe. Don’t worry about the inlet pipe! Just clean it with warm water to remove dirt deposits. Once or twice a year, check the general condition and change it if necessary. Quick, easy and convenient. It is not?

What is the right thing to do to take care of your washing machine and avoid bad odors?

The care of your machine is important! Otherwise, its life will be much shorter than you think! Here are our tips to preserve your machine. Let’s discover them together!

  • We are thinking about leaving the door of the machine open between the different washes. The key: good air drying and ventilation. This prevents the development of mold and bacteria. It’s won!
  • Keep the detergent drawer open after washing to allow it to dry. Small sponge strokes to remove dirt and residue are also appreciated!
  • Overdosing of detergents is avoided.
  • We remember to take out the laundry when the wash cycle is finished to avoid moisture!

In the end, nothing complicated! A few tips to take care of your machine and avoid unpleasant odors. Note.