The iron must be cleaned regularly, especially if you use it frequently, because you run the risk of soiling the clothes to be ironed by the accumulation of dirt and lime. There are those who use the specified products to clean the iron, which can be purchased in supermarkets or stores for the care and hygiene of the house. And then there are those who work out do-it-yourself solutions that solve many problems in a few minutes.

Clean the iron tank to remove calcium deposits

One of these solutions consists of water and citric acid. Mix water with citric acid in a cup, then pour the concoction directly into the compartment inside the iron reserved for water. Then activate the steam and drain the water, which is collected in a basin.

In this way, each time you use it, you can see all the dirt that has accumulated inside the iron. Now the inside is clean, so let’s move on to cleaning the outside or the steel plate that we rub on the clothes to iron them.

How to clean the outside plate of the iron

Cleaning the outside of the iron is quite simple and quickly done without spending a lot of money. To clean the iron plate, take a tablet from the dishwasher and rub it directly on the area to be treated, insisting that the dirt is removed slowly and effortlessly.

It can be used both dry and wet, in the second case just moisten it in very little water without letting it absorb too much, otherwise it will melt and the results will be incredible. When this process is finished, dry the iron with a well wrung microfiber cloth. Here it will be like new again, just bought.

The best water for steam

The main problem with dirt deposited in the iron is the water, which, if left in the boiler, stagnates and then over time can even cause problems with the components or with the operation of the device itself.

The problem is that the iron does not work well without water, so the choice is not between using water or not, but between using tap water or distilled water. To save money, many use tap water, which is actually the worst, especially in cities that have a very high lime content.

As convenient as it may be to open the tap, get water and use the iron for free, it is better to refrain from doing so, as you risk having to buy a new one for no good reason.

Tips for using the iron, how to preserve it and keep it for years

Safer is demineralized water, which you can buy in the supermarket or any other store for the household. It is distilled water sold in tanks, which does not cause excessive costs. There are both the plain and the fragrant. Unfortunately, it is also difficult to carry around the house because it is heavy, especially if you buy large tons when you are alone and shopping on the side.

The solution could be to use water from air conditioners or dehumidifiers, it is collected in a basin and then used for ironing when needed. Every time you turn on the heater or the cold air conditioner, a lot of water is formed, which can be especially useful during the day for those who always have a lot of clothes to iron.

In order to save the iron, it is advisable to remove the residual water after each use and dry the container to avoid water stagnation.

Finally, if the iron is used frequently, it is better to thoroughly clean both the tank and the outside, that is, the soleplate. In this case, it is better to use the dishwashing tablets at least once a week, especially before you start ironing a white shirt or garment on which the slightest stain. The tablet, if not completely consumed, can be reused within days.