Cleaning the oven is a rather cumbersome activity, but with a simple method it will be much faster. Among the most commonly used appliances is certainly the oven, which is essential for preparing excellent dishes that you can enjoy with family and friends. Recently, however, many families have decided to use the oven much more economically due to the sharp increase in electricity and gas bills.

The increased cost of energy has literally brought many households to their knees, forcing them to cut back and change some entrenched habits. Among the many changes made to save money, there is also a less constant use of the oven to get electricity bills with numbers that are not as astronomical as those in the last period.

Cleaning the oven – this simple trick will surprise you

However, there are solutions that will allow you to use the oven as often as you want without spending too much. Among them is the proper cleaning of this important appliance, which is very prone to contamination. Cleaning the oven is anything but a pleasant activity, since it often takes hours to get the job done: it is enough to neglect cleaning for some time to find the oven full of encrustations, stains, crumbs, etc.

Therefore, it is advisable to clean the oven very often, perhaps with a few small tricks that will allow you to clean the oven quickly and easily. A good idea is to prepare a very effective solution. Put just under ½ cup of vinegar in a container and then add about a quart of boiling water. Then put the container in the oven and leave it there for about 15-20 minutes. However, if the oven is very dirty, it is better to leave it much longer (even 8-10 hours, if necessary).

After the required time, remove the container from the oven and start cleaning the glass of the device, making sure to use a clean cloth.  Already at the glass of the furnace you notice how the dirt is very well dissolved. At this point, go in, this time using a clean sponge. To work optimally, especially if the walls are too dry, you can moisten the sponge with the previously prepared solution.

A clean oven is much more effective and saves money

The speed of the process depends on how dirty the oven is. If there are not too many incrustations and stains, even one pass can be enough; If the dirt is stubborn, you need to make a few more passes, carefully avoiding detergents and cleaning agents. For better cleaning, you can also wipe with the cloth at the end: It is important that you always perform this work with the oven turned off.

When you are done cleaning the oven, besides the obvious satisfaction of having it like new, you can also enjoy the consumption.  A well-cleaned oven is much more efficient than one full of encrustations and stains, therefore cooking will be faster and more efficient and consumption will decrease.