Do you want to clean your dirty and tarnished tiles? Would you like it to regain all its luster and shine as if it were brand new? It is possible!

To remove your tiles, you do not have to resort to expensive chemicals. My grandmother was a house fairy. She had her secrets on how to remove stains and give shine and luster to all terracotta tiles, white or black.


Some materials need to be maintained and lose their shine as a result. This is especially true for terracotta, cement and even ceramic tiles. And of all the natural ingredients, linseed oil is undoubtedly the best for maintaining these tiles! However, be careful: only a few drops on a clean cloth are enough to make the tiles shine without turning them into an ice rink. So be careful and let the oil soak into the floor well as it dries. You can then reapply as needed.


When cooking, do not throw away the cooking water from boiled potatoes. Instead, use it to clean tiles. The starch contained in this solution absorbs the grease adhering to the surface. This procedure is recommended once a month to maintain the shine of the tiles.


If black soap is an essential for fans of the D system, it is because it is an excellent cleaning agent. The reason: it is a degreaser and disinfectant suitable for tiles, linoleum, but also parquet. Its advantage is that it not only cleans dirty and dusty floors, but also gives a touch of shine that you cannot do without. To benefit from the action of this mixture of oil and black olives, you need to mix it with a quart of water in a bucket. If you want to have a spotless home, grab a mop and gently scrub each floor. Magical, isn’t it?


The most common way to make tiles shine is to use white vinegar. There are two ways to do this:

  • Directly into the wash water: when you prepare your usual wash water, pour 4 tablespoons of white vinegar into the bucket and then mop the floor. Discover all our floor care tips to properly clean your tiles here.
  • After cleaning: After cleaning your tiles, prepare a bucket of hot water. Pour in one to two glasses of white vinegar, depending on the amount of water. Then polish with a mop or sponge. It is also possible to complete the preparation by adding baking soda.

5 – Choose lemon to give shine to your tiles

Once your tiles are completely clean, there is one last step to make them shine again: Polishing.

It’s easy to do: soak a sponge or mop in lemon juice and let it sit for an hour. Lemon gives dirty and dull tiles all their shine, plus a pleasant scent! Finally, you can use a chamois to finish a tiled countertop.


If the tiles are very stained, simply add a few drops of a product that does not attack the cement grout, such as liquid hand soap or dishwashing liquid. And nothing else! Also, the mop must be damp, no water dripping! Dry with another dry microfiber mop.