Want to clean your bathroom or kitchen tiles? Before you scrub yourself mad: Here are the 4 best tips to rid tiles of lime stains and grease splatters. With a few simple tricks and home remedies, you’ll make your tiles shine again. Here you can find out what else you need to keep in mind when cleaning your tiles.

Clean tiles in the bathroom properly

To save you a lot of work when cleaning the tiles, you should remove them after every shower or bath. This is how you clean them. For thorough cleaning, it is best to use glass cleaner or a conventional all-purpose cleaner. Add a few squirts of the cleaner of your choice to a bucket of lukewarm water. Take a cleaning cloth, dip it into the water and rub the bathroom tiles thoroughly. Then polish the tiles with a dry cloth.

  • Removing lime stains from tiles

For stubborn lime stains, orange peel can help. Rub the inside of the peel over the calcified surface and leave it to soak in for half an hour. First remove the residue with the shower spray and then work with a damp, soft sponge.

  • Avoid vinegar and citric acid

Vinegar and citric acid have proven effective as home remedies against limescale. When cleaning the tiles, however, you should use both household remedies extremely sparingly. The acid they contain dissolves not only the lime, but also the grout. If you still want to clean the calcified tiles with vinegar or citric acid, you should dilute both home remedies with water and leave out the grout joints when cleaning. Then rub the tiles with a second rag and some dishwashing liquid.

  • Cleaning natural stone tiles

To clean natural stone tiles gently, add some curd soap to the warm wiping water. Wipe the natural stones with it damp as a mist.

Clean tiles in the kitchen properly

Grease stains on the tiles in the kitchen are best removed with washing-up liquid. Add a few drops to lukewarm water and wipe the tiles with it. Then rub the tiles dry with a kitchen towel. For stubborn stains, curd soap will also help. Put some of the soap on a soft brush and work the stain with it. If the stain has dried, you can let it soak or carefully remove it with a scraper.

clean floor tiles

First remove dust, lint and loose dirt from the floor tiles. Then add some all-purpose cleaner to a bucket of water and mop the floor with a standard mop or floor mop. Refer to the instructions for your chosen cleaning product to determine the temperature of the mop water.

Clean tiles with a window vacuum cleaner?

Window vacuums enjoy great popularity among consumers. The idea of using it to clean tiles as well is an obvious one. However, due to tile grout lines, the surface to be cleaned is not as smooth as a window and the window vacuum reaches its limits. The devices leave drops on tiles and it must be touched up by hand. Therefore, abandon the use of the window vacuum and clean the tiles directly by hand. With these tips, your tiles will be sparkling clean again.