Like it or not, you are surely aware that your home needs to be cleaned every day. Daily cleaning is essential to ensure the correct level of hygiene in the environment. But do you know that you can use natural remedies to do so, without necessarily resorting to chemicals? Let’s look together at some tricks that can help you!

Natural remedies to remove limescale

Among the main annoyances that there may be in the home, surely removing limescale is one of the most common ones. This is an operation that often takes a long time and does not yield satisfactory results. Indeed, in some cases it damages faucets and whatnot.

There is, however, an alternative. To remove limescale, we can take advantage of a combination of natural products, namely white alcohol vinegar and water. Simply fill a container with three quarts of vinegar and one quart of water and use it as if it were a “detergent.” The result will surprise!

Care of wooden furniture

Another caution that cannot be underestimated concerns the care of wooden furniture. Here, too, we can take advantage of a number of outstanding natural remedies. To best clean them, removing the most stubborn stains, we can use baking soda and soap combined. It will result in a foamy mixture that is very useful for cleaning wooden furniture.

How to get rid of dust

Another annoying task concerns the elimination of dust. This is no small annoyance, since this hides everywhere. Again, as natural remedies, we can take advantage of the action of baking soda combined with water and soap. We can also place it in a steamer and then do a thorough cleaning with gentle cloths.

Natural remedies for floors

To clean floors, instead of using chemical, industrial products, which could also ruin marble or wooden surfaces such as parquet, interesting natural remedies can be used. Just mix in a bucket some baking soda, a tablespoon at least, with a tablespoon of soap and we will get a fantastic natural detergent!

Bathroom and kitchen

Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen could be complex without the proper tacking. Here are some tricks. For cleaning the bathroom, we use soap, which is 100% natural: this can be useful for tiles and faucets. Marble elements, on the other hand, can be thoroughly cleaned with apple cider vinegar and lemon. In the kitchen, on the other hand, we can use a combination of citric acid dissolved in water. White alcohol vinegar mixed with lemon juice is also very powerful as a degreaser.