If your car’s floor mats are old and dirty, don’t think at all about throwing them away: it will take very little to get them clean and perfect again.

We’ve all succeeded at least once in our lives in buying our first car, perhaps the very one we’ve always wanted and that after so many sacrifices is finally ours. Once it is ours, we will do everything to always keep it clean and in top condition.

In order to keep our car always in perfect condition, in addition to all those necessary things that will have to be done periodically, such as changing oil, checking brakes and whatnot, it will be necessary to have it always well cleaned and in perfect order. Of course, we will not only have to dedicate ourselves to cleaning the body, but also its interior, including upholstery and floor mats. In fact, it will be the latter that will get dirty most frequently and tend to wear out in a very few months.

Don’t throw away your car’s old floor mats: Here are some top tips to make them as good as new

The more ‘lived in’ our car, the more obviously it will tend to get dirty as quickly as light, and this, especially if the car is new, will not be a contemplated option at all. This is precisely why it will be important to clean it often. However, if you have noticed that the mats inside seem difficult to recover, before you decide to throw them away here is what you should do.

To make your car mats as good as new, you will not need any special product, but once again you will just have to open your pantry and you will find the solution at hand.

All you will need is a simple lemonade with lemon and some baking soda.

Using, as we will show you in a moment, first one and then the other, you will be able to achieve a clean you have never seen before.

First remove the floor mats from your car and whisk them to get rid of excess dust. At this point, decant the lemonade with lemon into a spray bottle and spray it on the mats, they should be well impregnated by the drink. then let it dry and you will see how the first stains will be gone.

Now all you have to do is take the baking soda and pour it all over the surface, help yourself with a fabric brush so that you spread it well. Now leave it for about 30 minutes, after which you can either use a vacuum cleaner to remove it or the brush you used earlier.

In this way, your mats will not only be perfectly clean, but they will also be sanitized. Moreover, thanks to the absorbing power of baking soda, any kind of bad smell will be completely gone.

Try this trick yourself and you will see how your car mats will be as good as new again. They will be just like they were just bought.