Cleaning shutters is a necessary phase of basic cleaning and for many reasons.

First, they are in direct contact with the outside world and accumulate dirt and smog. But let’s not forget that even the dust that comes from inside the house can take root. Therefore, they should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. But we can help ourselves with a number of home techniques that will facilitate our work! We know that they can be made of different materials, such as plastic, aluminum, wood and so on… And for each of them there is the right trick! Let’s see together how to clean the shutters!

Before you start

Before you start, try to clean in complete safety. If your shutters look out onto the balcony or garden, washing the outside will be easier. On the other hand, if you live on higher floors that do not have a balcony, the cleaning must be done completely from the inside and we will explain how. Also ask someone to help you open the drawer with the shutter. When it comes to motorized shutters, be sure to disconnect the power supply to clean them in a peaceful and safe way.

NB: Always follow the production instructions for proper cleaning of shutters.

Goodbye dust

To effectively clean the shutters, they must first be carefully dusted. First, because it facilitates and accelerates the actual cleaning phase. Otherwise, we not only need more time, but excessive dust in contact with water will be much more difficult to remove. You can take a brush with soft bristles or a dust-catching cloth. Or you can choose a brush to get between the cracks and be even more precise. Now let’s see how to clean the shutters depending on the type of material.

Wooden shutters

Let’s start with the most delicate type of shutters. In fact, wood is a very valuable material, but at the same time delicate, as it tends to absorb moisture. A useful tip is to always dry the shutters (especially in the rainy season), so that moisture does not ruin their texture. But how can we clean them with home remedies?

We must be gentle, so nothing like bar soap. This ecological soap is natural and has a high degreasing power, but at the same time remains delicate and fragrant on the surfaces. We dissolve a few spoons in a basin of water. We dip a microfiber cloth and squeeze it well. Let’s first try the solution in a hidden place to make sure that the shutter tolerates the remedy. After a first pass dry with a dry and clean cloth, even better if it is microfiber.

Plastic shutters

Plastic shutters are widely used, and it is not difficult to clean them effectively using domestic methods! Therefore, even in this case, we can use the mixture of water and bar soap but add an ingredient: Vinegar. It has degreasing and antibacterial properties, we can put a few glasses of water and soap in our sink. This method is also particularly good for white shutters because the vinegar helps remove any stains or yellowing. If you need to act on a small area, we can spray the vinegar directly on the area of interest.

Aluminum shutters

The aluminum shutters may have halos due to rain or dirt. An old grandmother’s remedy for cleaning aluminum shutters is to make a paste with just enough baking soda and a few drops of lemon juice. Bicarbonate has antiseptic properties and limits the proliferation of bacteria. It also has absorbent properties, especially useful for moisture. The lemon, on the other hand, has degreasing and cleansing properties and also gives off a fresh and lemony smell.

PVC shutters

For PVC shutters, steam seems to be the best home method, which can also be used for plastic or aluminum shutters. Thanks to the high temperatures generated by the steam, the dirt is effectively dissolved and at the same time you also remove bacteria. To deal with the slots as well, use a gun tip. However, for cleaning with steam, you need to take some extra precautions, especially if you live in an apartment building or share the house. If you can’t use steam, use some water and bar soap and you’re done!


To finish cleaning the shutters, we must not forget the straps that need to be cleaned because they pick up dirt and dust. If possible, use steam, this has an antibacterial and cleaning effect. Otherwise, use a damp microfiber cloth with a few drops of vinegar.

Exterior blinds

After you have cleaned the inside of the shutters, you should repeat the suggested work on the outside as well. As mentioned above, this is not always possible, because without a balcony or garden it could be dangerous to clean the outside blinds. But there is a safe way to wash and degrease them. With the help of another person, disassemble the drawer and let the shutter down completely. When the inner part is ready, let it slowly go back up. As you do so, use the appropriate agent to clean the opposite side, proceeding gradually.

Helpful tips

To maintain the durability and cleanliness of your blinds, there are other helpful tips that can help you.

Use some olive oil: it is very useful as a lubricant. In fact, it will help you slide the shutters more easily. It is also an excellent natural remedy for polishing wood: if you put a few drops on a soft cloth, you can use it to maintain the wood of your shutters. When it rains, always try to dry your shutters with a clean, dry cloth. Moisture is the enemy of any surface. This little trick will be essential for future cleaning. Always be attentive when cleaning shutters, without leaning out and staying in complete safety.