There are so many ways to clean the bathroom and various products, but these 3 ingredients really work wonders in 10 minutes.

Those who want a perfectly clean bathroom, should first make sure that the room is empty and well organized. The first impression of a room can be determined at a glance, and removing clutter can help clean up faster without having to stop and pick up messy items. For a quick cleaning session, assemble a kit with essentials like sponges, cleaning solution, disinfectants and detergents. Alternatively, opt for natural products like vinegar, baking soda and tea tree essential oil. Instead of using products loaded with chemicals, opt for essential oils to add a strong scent. But without worrying about finding perfection on days when you have little time. A quick bathroom cleaning is still a good idea to keep the room clean and free of dust residue. Just follow these simple steps to keep your bathroom and kitchen clean every day, and adjust them to fit the time you have available.

Quick and effective cleaning: here’s how

Organize the bathroom by shaking the mats and placing them by the windows, and also have a convenient, lightweight and easy-to-move laundry basket for your dirty clothes. Place it on the toilet while vacuuming and give yourself plenty of time to clean the sinks and faucets. Use a sponge dampened with disinfectant to clean sinks and bidets, then rinse them immediately. For a shiny finish, dry with a cloth and a few drops of alcohol. In the case of the toilet, use a detergent and sponge and then dry thoroughly. Use absorbent kitchen paper as a faster alternative but be careful not to waste valuable resources or harm the environment.

Clean the bathroom in 10 minutes in a natural and ecological way

If you prefer eco-friendly cleaning options, simply mix warm water, vinegar and a few drops of essential oil in an empty spray bottle.

Tea tree is an excellent choice as it has natural antibacterial and disinfectant properties, but you can also experiment with scents like lemon, grapefruit, mint, eucalyptus or lavender . This mixture works wonders in cleaning and polishing bathroom faucets and sinks and provides a long-lasting, pleasant aroma without environmental pollution.

To disinfect and combat bad odors, dilute citric acid or vinegar with hot water and pour it over the toilet bowl and toilet brush. If desired, add a few drops of pure essential oil.

If you are facing limescale problems in your bathroom, try this simple solution. Take half a lemon and rub it directly on the pipes and shower heads, and they will instantly become cleaner and brighter. Alternatively, vinegar can be used as a powerful ingredient to descale, degrease and disinfect surfaces.

If the sink aerator is broken, limescale deposits are often the cause. To remedy the situation, try taking it apart and soaking it in vinegar overnight. Once the parts are thoroughly cleaned, reassemble the aerator and enjoy the improved water flow.

For those looking for natural ways to clean their tiles, you can turn to baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and calcined soda. These ingredients, which can be found in hardware and garden stores, make an effective cleaning solution. However, it is recommended to handle hydrogen peroxide and soda with proper protection, i.e gloves and mask, to avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.