The floor of your house gets dirty all the time because of the daily trips there and back. Therefore, properly washing the floors of your house becomes a complicated task! But thanks to this trick, you will be able to clean all types of floors and keep them clean longer, even if they are extremely dirty. Are you tired of mopping your floor every day? Rest assured that you will now be able to complete this task faster if you use this trick!

How to properly clean the floor of the house?

To clean and wash a very dirty floor, nothing very complicated. First, simply vacuum.  This way you avoid ending up with a mop full of dust and dirt residue. By vacuuming your floors, you can remove any loose hair and cat or dog hair, if you have any. To keep your floors clean and shiny for longer, here’s a simple trick. You don’t have to mop the floor at home several times a day.

How to wash the floor without getting tired?

If you do not invest in a special cleaning device for your floor like the latest fashionable steam cleaner, change your habits and adopt this simple and effective solution.

Make your own floor cleaner

To practice this trick, you need to add a few drops of glycerin to the mixture with which you wash your floor. Dear readers, rest assured, this mixture avoids constant mopping. For this you will need:

  • Vegetable glycerin;
  • The water;
  • 2 tablespoons of washing-up liquid.

After that it is enough to:

  • Mix the water with the vegetable glycerin in a bucket and add the washing-up liquid.
  • Wash the floor with this mixture and you will notice that it is shinier than usual.

You can also use this mixture to clean other surfaces in the house. Glycerin is your best ally if your floor is tiled or marble. No need for other maintenance products. You just need to use a cloth to make your floor shine. You don’t know it, but there are other solutions to thoroughly clean your home’s floor with natural ingredients.

How can you clean your floor thoroughly?

As we have already explained, it is best to start with vacuuming to thoroughly clean the floor to remove dirt and dust. Then use the appropriate products by sweeping the mop over your floor. You must take into account the coating of the latter. If it is tiled or waxed parquet, you cannot use the same product as for a carpet. And even more so if your floor is waxed concrete. But rest assured, we will share with you some simple and economical solutions to clean your floors.

Why put white vinegar on the floor?

To clean your floor, whether tiles or parquet, you can rely on an ultimate ally, white vinegar! Among all the natural ingredients you can find at home, white vinegar is simply indispensable for the care and cleaning of the surfaces of your home. You can even use it to clean your floor if you have carpeting. Moreover, this everyday product is economical and allows you to wash effectively. Have you spilled a few drops of sap on your floor and don’t know how to get rid of it?

Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar in a bucket of hot water and add a few drops of lemon essential oil to reduce the smell. This mixture will give your floors back their full shine. In addition, you can use it to clean your carpets and tile floors. White vinegar is also effective in cleaning linoleum floors, which are difficult to maintain.

How to clean your tiles properly?

This grandmother’s trick will change your life! Aside from white vinegar, you can also clean your tile with other natural ingredients. Not sure what to do with your potato cooking water? Keep it safe for cleaning days! In fact, cleaning your tile floor with potato cooking water will restore all of its shine! To do this:

  • Boil your potatoes to recover the cooking water;
  • After recovery, pour the cooking water onto your tile floor and let it sit for about 10 minutes to allow the starch to work;
  • Scrub the cooking water that is still on your floor to remove any stains;
  • Finally, mop your floor with clean water and a damp mop.

If you do not get the desired result, repeat the process until your floor shines again.

Use baking soda to wash your tile floor

To do this, mix white vinegar and baking soda to remove stains from your floor. In a large bucket of warm water, dilute two tablespoons of white vinegar and baking soda. Once everything is mixed well, all you have to do is scrub your tile floor with this natural solution. If you don’t have any of these products available, you can always use bar soap mixed with water and rub the tiles on your floor with a sponge. Now that you know all these tips, all you have to do is apply the one that suits you best and you’re done!