The waffle iron is quite dirty after the last brunch. That can be changed quickly with this Kitchen Hack!

Want to make waffles for brunch, but the waffle iron is still all smeared from the last session? Well, we’ve got the perfect kitchen trick for you. With the help of a cleaning waffle, you can clean your waffle iron. Cleaning waffle sounds unusual. Let us surprise you.

Cleaning waffle iron with cleaning waffle

Yes, that’s right. A cleaning waffles. You only need two ingredients to get your waffle iron really clean with it.

  • A few tablespoons of cornstarch and Water

Here’s how it works:

  • You combine cornstarch with water in a small bowl to create a thick paste. Exact amounts may vary, but a common ratio is 1:1.
  • Your waffle iron should now be preheated to medium heat.
  • The cornstarch mixture is then added to the waffle iron, just as you would for a regular waffle.
  • The mixture is then cooked until it sets and takes on the texture of a waffle.
  • The coarsest dirt should have come off the iron and stick to the waffle. Please do not eat it! The starch waffle belongs in the trash afterwards!
  • Polish the waffle iron with a piece of kitchen roll and then the real waffle-cooking action can begin.

Why a cleaning waffle for your waffle iron?

The texture of the cornstarch waffle lends itself well to waffle iron cleaning and can help remove stubborn stains. Since the compound is non-toxic, you can also use it on surfaces where you prepare food. This Kitchen Hack is a creative and eco-friendly approach to cleaning in the kitchen, all without chemical cleaners.