house cleaning is not always so easy to accomplish. Dirt can lurk anywhere, and a washing machine is no exception. Even in an almost new washing machine, and one that appears perfectly clean and tidy, we can find dust and other residues that will inevitably affect the success of the washing.

How can you perfectly clean the washing machine while eliminating dirt for good?

Obviously there is a very simple trick to use that manages to really clean our washing machine. With the help of this “secret” we can finally get a really clean and fragrant laundry. Try it to believe! To clean the washing machine we simply need to insert dishwasher tablets into the basket.

 Dishwasher tablets: here’s how and when to use them to clean the washing machine and get perfect laundry.

The first thing to do is to take two dishwasher tablets into the basket of our washing machine and then close the basket and start the appliance. We need to program a wash for cotton at 140 °F and let the washing machine work as long as necessary.

After the first ten minutes we may notice the wash water becoming slightly darker. After sixty minutes, on the other hand, the water will now be completely dirty. At this point, the washing machine will simply have to remove all the dirt, and we will just have to wait for the end of the wash. Once about two hours, two and a half hours have passed, the water will be clear and clean again and finally our appliance will be really free of any kind of dirt. Thereafter we can clean our garments quietly without any kind of problem.

Mind you: we must absolutely remember to use this trick once a month.