Perfectly white and clean curtains are a beautiful piece of furniture for our windows. Too bad they get dirty and quickly turn yellow. Let’s see how we can prevent this and do it all ourselves with an unusual method.

Perfect white and clean curtains

Snow-white curtains are the dream of many homeowners. They are a kind of showpiece of a house or apartment. Unfortunately, the materials and washing tend to turn them gray or yellow and no longer look good.

But that doesn’t mean they need to be replaced. Wondering how to wash curtains? It is quite simple and quick. There are several methods for cleaning curtains so they can be easily brightened and restored to their pristine cleanliness.

How often should the curtains be washed?

Curtains should always be pre-washed before washing. In addition, depending on how dirty they are, it is necessary to wash them on average every two months. It all depends on how much dust is in the house or apartment. As a rule, curtains need to be cleaned more often if there are smokers in the house. Cigarette smoke is one of the biggest threats to the white color of curtains.

Do you wash curtains with chemicals?

There are numerous products on the market that you can use to clean curtains. However, it should be emphasized that each of them may contain chemical compounds that can affect not only the color, but also the life of the fabric. Several consumers report that even after repeated use of these products, the life of the curtains decreased and they had to be replaced with new ones.

How can this situation be avoided? Instead of resorting to chemical products for cleaning curtains, it is advisable to resort to home remedies. They are usually much more effective and, most importantly, safer.

Yeast and aspirin

Household systems for cleaning curtains are very effective. It is enough to follow certain rules to achieve truly satisfactory results.

  • You can use products such as: Baking soda, baking powder, aspirin,
  • lemon juice or citric acid. In this case, we use yeast and aspirin.

Just put the curtains in the washing machine and put an aspirin tablet in the drum with them. Instead, we put a bag of baking soda in one compartment of the washtub and regular detergent in another. For very thin, delicate curtains, you need to set the laundry to low temperatures, 85 °F is fine.

Instead, it is better to set the centrifuge at 600 rpm to avoid excessive wrinkling. After washing, the curtains must be hung immediately, but they can be repositioned even if they are not yet completely dry, if they do not need to be ironed. The weight of the curtain itself helps to avoid unwanted wrinkles.