To clean and polish dull wood kitchen cabinets, we can follow some steps, such as removing dust and dirt from the surface of the furniture with a dry microfiber cloth. To ensure a clean and tidy kitchen, regular cleaning is essential, as grease and fat can easily accumulate on wooden furniture due to food fumes.

Household cleaning

Even if we have given up the handkerchief on the hair and the feather duster, while we do the house cleaning, these are activities that must be done regularly. We have various household appliances that can help us with floor cleaning, dust removal, nice window cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and many other tasks to keep the house clean and tidy, but there are things that need to be done by hand. These activities can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your needs and available time. Housekeeping is important not only to keep the house clean, but also to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment for the family.

How to clean dull wooden kitchen cabinets

For good housekeeping, it is essential to keep the kitchen clean at all times, as it is the hub of internal family life. This is important because this environment tends to get dirty easily, since we spend most of our time there. The kitchen furniture is the most exposed to this. Dust, oil splashes and various sauces, cooked and raw foods that come into contact with the surfaces of the shelves end up confusing us.

The choice of furniture to be used as a kitchen varies depending on the budget and personal taste of each of us. The same applies to the products to be used to clean them. Wood can become sticky and swell due to elements such as food fumes, fingerprints, and water. In addition, cabinets are often touched with hands, making them susceptible to bacteria build-up. If the right ingredients and techniques are used, we can preserve the beauty of this precious material that gives elegance to the kitchen , without damaging it.

Clean and shiny with vinegar, beeswax, and bar soap

For various materials present in the kitchen, white vinegar, due to its acidity, represents a valuable ally for all household cleaning, including laundry, thanks to its astringent ability to eliminate bacteria without damaging the treated surfaces. It is also possible to buy beeswax in pharmacies or supermarkets, it is an extremely effective product to make wooden furniture shine and remove even the most stubborn dirt. Beeswax not only makes furniture shine, but it also removes stubborn layers of dust. Thanks to this wax, doors, drawers, and chests of drawers will look like freshly bought: Just put a few drops of product on a microfiber cloth and gently wipe it over the surface.

However, it is important to follow the product instructions to determine which type of wood this cleaning method is suitable for. To avoid rapid degradation of the wood, it is recommended to clean wooden furniture every two weeks. Unless you use bar soap.

Furniture oil

After drying the furniture, it is possible to make its surface shinier again by applying a small amount of a special oil for dull wooden furniture . To do this, simply pour the oil on a clean cloth and gently rub it into the surface of the furniture, following the grain of the wood.