Wooden surfaces are very beautiful to look at, but sometimes difficult to clean. But there is a way to make them shine again. Let’s find out below. Cleaning wood surfaces doesn’t always require so many different chemicals. Rather, this is a natural remedy.

Wooden surfaces: they need to be maintained and polished

Wooden surfaces are present in various parts of our house. Especially the kitchens are made of this material. Especially the kitchens and furniture of the past were made of solid wood, the real and pure. Which had a grandmother who would often apply wax to keep the wooden surfaces shiny and fragrant. The wax was also to nourish the wood and give it new life. Keeping wood surfaces shiny not only improves their aesthetic appearance, but also contributes to their protection and durability over time.

Our grandmothers knew about it. Glossy surfaces are generally easier to clean and maintain than matte surfaces. The sheen of the wood resists stains and food residue, so you can clean the surface easier and faster. Nowadays, wood surfaces are not always real wood, but plywood and other materials that definitely need to be cleaned and maintained like wood. We often use too aggressive chemical products that do not always keep the wood surfaces as shiny as we would like.

How to clean them

The color of wood can lose its brilliance both in its natural state and after several coats of varnish. Instead of using chemicals, we recommend you find a solution with what is in the house.

First you need half a cup of white vinegar and add another half cup of cooking oil. Then to perfume add a few drops of essential oils that you prefer. Mix everything well in a bowl and then pour the liquid into a spray bottle. With the obtained substance, you can clean wooden furniture so that it looks like new again. It is best to use a microfiber cloth. Then take another drink slightly moistened with clean water. In addition to polishing, you can also disinfect them with the compound thus obtained. In fact, vinegar has a disinfecting effect. Even if it does not smell very pleasant, mixed with essential oils it is perfect. Seeing is believing.

To maintain the shine of the wood, it requires regular maintenance. You can use the liquid produced as needed. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that can damage the surface of the wood.