Spending more time on self-care should be on everyone’s list of good resolutions for the New Year, as well as cleaning the house more often and thoroughly. Here, on a related note, how to make our bathtub shine again in just a few minutes.

Well, the Christmas season is officially over, and for all of us it’s time to return to our canonical daily routine. In the last weeks of December, it is customary to take a break from obligations, and we devote ourselves mainly to celebrations and organizing the time we can spend in the company of our loved ones. However, after the vacations we return to everyday life and are once again assaulted by the hustle and bustle of days marked by work and countless errands. Cleaning the house is one of the activities that we undoubtedly cannot avoid, but that we often skip due to fatigue and little time.

However, in the process we accumulate more and more dust and dirt, which makes the cleaning process longer and more laborious. For example, how often we mistakenly neglected the bathtub? The latter is actually used every day, and it is not uncommon to find stains and halos in it, which we cannot get rid of. So, let’s find out together how to make our bathtub shine again with an effective, fast and very economical method.

How to clean the bathtub

Hygiene and cleanliness of the house are essential, so it is necessary to find time to devote to this activity. We often think that to clean you need to have hours available; in reality, it only takes a few minutes to keep the house tidy and superbly clean if you follow a few little tricks .

Among the things that need special attention are undoubtedly the bathroom fixtures, but as we know, keeping them shiny and bright is a real achievement. The bathtub, for example, usually gives us the most problems, but with two simple products that we all always have at hand, we can make it like new in a short time. What do we need? Just baking soda and dishwashing liquid. Once you have these two products, simply pour a sufficient amount of bicarbonate into the bathtub; After that, you can proceed with the addition of dishwashing detergent.

Then, with the help of a classic broom (generally used to sweep floors to be clear), gently rub the detergent and bicarbonate into the surface, corners and walls of the tub to remove the accumulations dirt once and for all. After a thorough rinse, we finally have a shiny, clean and disinfected tub!

Ingenuity and accuracy

To achieve excellent cleaning results, it is not necessary to resort to the purchase of often very expensive products. In fact, the tricks of the so-called grandmother teach us that with a pinch of ingenuity and good will, it is not so impossible to clean the house and spend little!