To prolong the life of your clothes dryer, it needs regular cleaning. Where you find the lint filter and how to clean it is crucial for this.

For many people, hanging laundry is part of everyday household chores. However, some households additionally use a clothes dryer, especially for drying towels and bed linen. This is not only time saving, but also frees you from searching for suitable places to dry huge, fitted sheets and the like. In order to use your dryer as long as possible, you should deal with the basic care and optimal maintenance of the device, similar to the washing machine.

When does it make sense to use a clothes dryer?

If after washing your clothes you do not have time, or space to hang them, the clothes dryer is the most welcome solution. However, it should be noted that not every piece of laundry is suitable for this time-saving method. According to experts, you can put everything you put in the washing machine at 140 degrees without any further concerns through the dryer afterwards.

Textiles made of pure cotton, such as bed linen, towels and underwear, if applicable, can also be treated in the tumble dryer without any problems. However, various textiles, such as silk, cashmere and synthetic fibers, among others, should rather be hung up, as they are less compatible with the dryer. Especially in washing machines with dryer function, you should therefore sort out again after the wash cycle what may remain in the machine to dry.

Regular cleaning of the dryer

Regular cleaning and proper care can add years to the life of your home appliances. Unlike the washing machine, your dryer requires some attention after each drying cycle. The lint filter, which fills up during drying, should be emptied again before the next laundry load.

Because similarly as with the vacuum cleaner, with which sucking with a full bag would be also little meaningful, should be worked also here with a fresh sieve. What’s more, the heat prevailing in the appliance ensures that the fibers in an overfull lint filter can cause a buildup of heat and thus catch fire.

How to clean the lint filter of your tumble dryer

But the lint filter is elementary when drying laundry, otherwise the fibers can spread throughout the system and cause various damages there. That’s why cleaning the lint filter is unavoidable, but it’s done quickly. The lint filter of your dryer can usually be found after opening the device below the door opening in a recess of the seal between the door and the drum. This sieve can simply be pulled out upwards. Some screens still need to be unfolded in a book-like fashion now. You can then simply gather up the fluffy lint with your fingers or with a cloth and dispose of it. Finally, the sieve is put back into the dryer.