Over time, dust and dirt can easily accumulate on your phone’s speaker. This often leads to problems with the sound of calls and voicemails. Before entrusting your device to a professional, you can try some simple cleaning methods to restore the sound quality. To prolong the life of your smartphone, it is important to take care of it on a daily basis. In addition to the important settings and practical gestures to save the battery, it is important to clean certain components that get dirty easily. This is the case, for example, with the speaker grille, which can be easily damaged and should be cleaned gently and carefully.

How can you easily clean the phone speaker?

There are several ways to clean the phone speaker. These are simple and accessible solutions that you can apply in just a few minutes. Of course, this step is crucial to maintain the sound quality and proper functioning of your device.

  • Clean the speaker with a soft brush

The first technique is to clean the phone’s speaker with a soft brush. Before you start, examine the grille with a flashlight to examine the areas affected by dust and dirt. Then, scrub the affected area with the soft bristle brush in gentle motions from left to right. Avoid inserting the bristles into the grille so as not to introduce dirt into the unit. Then take a soft cloth to wipe your phone and finish the process.

  • Use masking tape to remove dirt on the speaker

The other trick to effectively clean your phone speaker is to use tape or masking tape. This is an adhesive tape used by painters to protect areas that should not come in contact with paint. Just like plain tape, this can be used to remove dirt from your phone’s speaker. Simply wrap it around your finger and place the sticky part on the speaker.  This simple gesture makes dirt stick to the strip easily and cleans the small case thoroughly. Feel free to change the tape when it gets dirty.

  • Wipe the speaker with a cotton swab

Finally, there is a practical and simple solution to remove dirt from the speaker holes. This requires the use of a simple cotton swab. First, gently scrub the clogged area with circular motions over the speaker holes. It is also possible to apply light pressure to the grille. This will allow the cotton swab to enter the hole and collect dust that has accumulated there. As soon as the cotton swab changes color, change it and repeat the process until the encrusted dirt is completely removed.

Mistakes to avoid when cleaning your phone’s speaker

Every day, various tricks are offered to clean your phone’s speaker and other important components of your device. However, watch out for certain tips that may prove ineffective or cause irreversible internal damage. First of all, it is not recommended to clean the speaker with cleaning liquids. Alcohol-based products, for example, can reduce your phone’s water resistance. They can also short-circuit the operation of certain components. Also, avoid inserting sharp objects such as paper clips, pins, pens, or toothpicks.  These can severely damage your device. Several tips also recommend using air canisters. It can actually be tempting to remove dust but can also be dangerous for the phone. Dirt can penetrate deep and cause significant damage.