Dishwasher tablets are very handy for cleaning and removing stains from all your dishes. However, they are also very useful for cleaning other surfaces in your home. If you are used to using natural products like white vinegar, baking soda, or even lemon to clean your home, you should try dishwasher tabs. My mother-in-law uses these to clean various surfaces around the house, since I’ve seen the results, I only use these now. Find out how you can use dishwasher tabs to take care of your home. You will see how useful they can be.

What are the tips for using dishwasher tabs to clean your house?

The goal in cleaning is to remove all the dirt from our house, and for that we need effective products. Instead of buying new products and spending money, you can use your dishwasher tabs. In fact, they are very useful to clean the different surfaces of your house. They have several properties that allow them to degrease, whiten, descale and deodorize.

  • Clean your oven with dishwasher tabs

You will be surprised, but you can use your dishwasher tabs to clean your dirty oven.  To do this, you need a tablet that you dissolve in hot water. Then use this preparation to take care of your oven and remove grease encrustations on the walls of the oven.

  • Remove lime from your bathroom with dishwasher tabs

If you don’t take care of your bathroom, limescale can quickly build up and get stuck on all surfaces like the faucet, shower wall, or even your mixer faucet. Sometimes it can even accumulate in the toilet. To remedy the situation and remove all traces of limescale, you can use this trick with dishwasher tablets. To do this, melt a tablet in hot water and soak a cloth in the water-tablet mixture. Then run the cloth over the limescale-encrusted areas and they will regain their natural shine. To remove the limescale in your toilet, all you have to do is let the tablet dissolve on the bottom of the bowl for a few minutes. Once the dirt is embedded, use a toilet brush to scrub the walls and flush the toilet.

  • Maintain your washing machine with dishwasher tabs

In order for your washing machine to always perform at the same level, it is important to maintain it properly. It needs to be maintained regularly to avoid altering its washing capacities. For a thorough cleaning of your appliance, add a dishwasher tab to your drum. Then, perform an empty wash cycle at a temperature of 140 °F. Your washing machine will be clean and odor-free again.

  • Wash your garbage can with dishwasher tabs

This is undoubtedly one of the most dreaded moments when we tackle cleaning our house: disposing of the trash. However, this is a very important task, since the trash can is constantly in contact with waste and various microbes and bacteria can appear there if you do not clean it. This is also necessary to avoid bad odors caused by garbage. Thanks to this trick, this action will be less tedious. Fill your trash can with water and dilute a dishwasher tablet. Let it sit for a few minutes and gently massage it in before rinsing with clean water.

Dishwasher tabs are a good compromise for cleaning the inside of your home. They are practical and can be used for all surfaces of your home.