Washing and polishing the kitchen sink can be a big problem if you don’t have the right tools for it, especially if it’s ruined over time and it’s not possible to polish it in any way with a normal detergent. So, if there are a lot of lime stains and incrustations, just follow the advice below and that’s it.

In all stores you can find many products used just for sink disinfection, although they cost a lot and promise incredible results, they often turn out to be harmful to surfaces and health because they are very aggressive.

For this reason, it is better and absolutely recommended to rely on simple natural remedies or the ingredients that we all have at home, especially in the kitchen, because we also use them to prepare excellent dishes or to disinfect food.

Ingredients that are used every day in the kitchen and hold incredible secrets

There are ingredients that we use every day in the kitchen, able to remove even the most stubborn stains and make the sink shiny again, perfect as new, without scratching or permanently staining it.

For example, all women in the world generally use white vinegar, which works wonders. This is done after washing the sink with water and sponge over the entire surface with a dry sponge. In a few seconds, the stainless steel becomes perfectly flawless as never before.

Sink like new: here are some valid tricks

But be careful, because this remedy is not the best if there are stains that do not disappear easily. In this case, in addition to cleaning with a sponge and detergent and polishing with vinegar, you need to add a fabulous and miraculous ingredient.

We are talking about baking soda. It can be applied to surfaces in different ways. The first is baking soda and vinegar. Then you pour a good amount of baking soda directly onto the sink, scrub it lightly with a sponge, and then pour white vinegar over it.

You’ll see a foam form that removes dirt and debris. When you’re done, the sink will already be cleaner and brighter than before. If not even this solution should be considered, you can resort to other means that work 100%.

Baking soda and dishwashing liquid for a flawless cleaning

We are talking about baking soda and dishwashing liquid. These are poured together in a bowl, also mixed with your hands until you get a full-bodied, homogeneous paste that is distributed in the sink with attention and care.

When you are done, let it soak for a few minutes, then use a rough sponge, but not too much, so as not to scratch the sink. When rinsing, use plenty of water to remove all residue, and then dry the sink. The result will certainly be satisfactory.

The sink in granite, how to polish it properly without damaging it

If the sink is granite, it is advisable to proceed carefully and leave the mixture to act for a maximum of 4 hours, that is, the time required to dissolve the lime stains. Alternatively, you can make a mixture of one part hydrogen peroxide and three parts tartar. This is spread over the entire sink until it dries completely.

Finally, wipe with a damp cloth, perhaps moistened with vinegar, this leaves a pleasant scent on the surface, and you’re done. In short, there are means for cleaning the house and polishing all surfaces, you do not necessarily have to spend who knows how much money.