During the winter season, we can never do without the radiators in the house. It is essential, however, that before turning them on, they are properly cleaned. In fact, the excessive accumulation of dirt and dust could cause the radiators to malfunction and create problems in the house. Find out what remedies to clean radiators quickly and easily!

How to get started

To start cleaning your radiators properly, we recommend that you carefully remove all the accumulated layer of dust. In addition to the dust on the surface, you also need to completely remove the dirt accumulated in the cracks. Then, with the help of a feather duster you can perfectly remove the dust. If the cracks in your radiators are very narrow, you can also help yourself with a washcloth.

Proceed with proper interior cleaning

To clean your radiators perfectly, you need to proceed with an internal cleaning. You will simply need to place a basin under the valve to collect all the water from the radiator. We also recommend that you remove only the black water, keeping instead, the rest for proper functioning of the element. At this point, you can gently close the valve again and you will be finished with this procedure.

How to proceed for the outside

To clean radiators outside as well, we recommend that you opt for the jug method. This is a remedy to be adopted before the element is in operation. This solution can be adopted depending on the type of radiator in the house.

  • Cast iron radiators: it is important to know that these radiators are more delicate and require less aggressive ingredients. You can proceed with exterior cleaning using bar soap and warm water.
  • Aluminum radiators: for this type of radiator you can also add a little vinegar instead of bar soap. You will definitely get a perfect and satisfactory cleaning!

It is important that after cleaning and washing, the radiators are also dried thoroughly. In addition, it is best to consult any washing instructions related to different types of radiators. For example, it is advisable to have an experienced professional perform maintenance, especially if the radiators have been off for too long. Once these steps are performed, your radiators will be as good as new and the accumulated dirt will be completely removed. Therefore, to avoid running into various problems, we always advise you to clean your home’s radiators properly and efficiently. With these remedies you will get immediate and optimal results!