Although it seems like the warm weather is not over yet and the coats are still in the closet, it’s official: chestnut season has begun. Fall brings us this delicious food that we love to eat so much but can be a real hassle to cook. That’s why on most occasions we go to chestnut orchards that offer us a package of roasted chestnuts for just over a dollar. But what if I told you that you can roast chestnuts in just 10 minutes? This method is much easier and faster, and you won’t dirty anything. So, let’s see how to do it!

Chestnuts, we all make mistakes all the time: if you do it this way you cook them in 10 minutes. It’s as simple as that!

The air fryer is one of the most widely used appliances at the moment and allows us to prepare all kinds of dishes without using large amounts of oil, an ingredient that in excess in food can get to soaring calories. That’s why you surely already have an air fryer in your home that will allow you to conveniently roast roasted chestnuts.

But if you still do not have an air fryer at home, you have many options on the market at a very affordable price, so now is the time to buy one so you can follow the following tricks to roast chestnuts in the air fryer. Do you want to know how to do it quickly and conveniently? In just 10 minutes you will have your chestnuts ready, one of the most widely consumed fruits during the fall season.

How to roast chestnuts in the air fryer: you’ll only need 10 minutes!

In order to roast chestnuts in an air fryer you will need almost no ingredients: just the chestnuts themselves and, if you want, a little salt, although it is not necessary and we advise against abusing it. Right now you can find chestnuts in all supermarkets. So, all you have to do is go buy a bag of chestnuts and prepare your air fryer. Once you have your bag of chestnuts, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Wash very well all the chestnuts that you are going to put inside the air fryer.
  • Make a cross with the help of a sharp knife. It is important to make these two cuts well so that the heat can enter properly inside this fruit. This method also prevents the chestnuts from bursting during cooking.
  • Now place the chestnuts in the basket of the air fryer (do not overlap them and do not overfill the basket) and program it for 10-12 minutes at maximum power, around 390 °F
  • After these 10 minutes have elapsed, remove the chestnuts from the air fryer and you will have ready this healthy fall snack that is not only delicious but also offers great benefits for the body.