Your washing machine has several compartments for detergent. Bleach, fabric softener, liquid or powder detergent. To use these products properly, you still need to know which compartment they correspond to. Read on to find out where you should put washing powder.

Some pour the powder directly into the drum, not knowing that it will have trouble dissolving properly and will not be effective against laundry stains. Still others pour it into the wrong compartment of the drawer and end up with less well washed clothes than if the product had been poured into the designated compartment. Let’s clear things up so you don’t run into this kind of problem again.

Where in the washing machine should be placed powder or liquid detergent?

If it is true that it is enough to look in the manufacturer’s manual to know the right place for each detergent, many of us also lose this famous document. All the more reason to help you decide where to add powder or liquid detergent. First, consider the type of machine.

First find out about the type of washing machine you have

Before you check which compartment is right for your laundry, you should first consider what type of washing machine you have. Do you have a front loader or a top loader?

Do you have a front-loading machine?

If it’s a front-loading machine, first pull the detergent drawer towards you to expose its compartments. The latter should be three or two, depending on the model, and each of them has a symbol indicating what they are for. Here are the good directions:

I: The pre-wash

II: The main wash, namely the one that receives only powder detergent

The clover symbol: Fabric softener

Compartment “I”, the prewash compartment, should generally be used when your wash load is heavily soiled. However, prewashing is not absolutely necessary, as it causes high water consumption and is therefore not beneficial to the environment. It is therefore recommended to use it with caution. You can also pour in white vinegar, lime remover or even baking soda to make your first wash.

Also note that if compartment “II” is intended for powder detergent or liquid detergent, you can always use the latter in the form of a dosing ball, which is placed in the drum with the laundry. In addition, the latter should be empty before installing washing capsules. finally, it is possible and even recommended that you prefer white vinegar instead of fabric softener to soften the laundry. So, rather than fabric softener, put it in the bowl with the clover or flower symbol.

Do you have a top loading machine?

If you have a top-loading machine, the system differs because it essentially requires the drum to hold your laundry products. In this case, you’ll need to add the recommended dose to your detergent bottle first, and then another fabric softener before adding your laundry on top. In this case, it’s best not to add fabric softener or detergent over your load of laundry to avoid stains.

What are the consequences of choosing the wrong compartment when using your machine’s detergent drawer?

Let us say upfront that it is important to avoid using the wrong compartment of your detergent drawer when you use your washing machine. In fact, if you ever put a detergent in the box that is not designed for it, the effectiveness will be lower. For example, if you pour the powder detergent in the fabric softener compartment, your textile will not benefit from a good wash because the latter will be used up at the end of the wash cycle. Also, the fabric should still be free of blemishes. As confusing as our washing machines are, now you know which compartment to put your powder and other detergents in.