Nothing is more mundane than cutting a piece of tape. But obviously, things are more complicated when there are no scissors around. But not impossible. There are a variety of tricks to cut this type of tape without this tool or even with your teeth. Quickly discover our practical methods!

How to cut tape without scissors?

Whether to cover notebooks, wrap gifts or pack boxes during a move, duct tape is always very useful to make our work easier. That being said, almost all of us have been annoyed at least once by not having scissors handy to cut the tape. Many people rely on their teeth to solve this problem, but it is far from pleasant. From now on, you can experiment with a very simple trick to cut a piece of tape without using a sharp object. This handy technique was shared by American influencer Austin Day on Tik Tok. On his account, he shares with his subscribers the steps to easily cut a strip of tape. It even turns out that this method is widely used in the film industry. Here’s how:

  • First, set the amount of tape you want to use.
  • Then fold the piece backwards and backwards to make a small triangle at the bottom.
  • Hold the triangular shape with your thumb and pull the piece of tape up and down. And now it doesn’t get any more complicated than that!

Not only will this trick help you easily cut the piece of tape, but it will also allow you to create a little tab to easily hold your next piece of tape so you can apply it easier and easier.

Where and how to cut an LED tape?

Thanks to their flexibility and versatility, LED strips are very popular and very easy to use. To use them properly, you should follow these tips:

  • First, decide where you want to install the LED strip. You need to measure the area to calculate the cut: For example, if the area is 36 inches long, you can cut a section 97 inches (remember that the cuts must be a multiple of 2 inches!).
  • Cut the strip along the dashed line (there should be a mark every 2 inches). You can use any scissors for this purpose. Note: if the strip is cut outside the 2 inches cutting line, the cut section will not work and cannot be reused afterwards.

Can we nail an LED strip to install it?

Yes, it is indeed possible to nail LED light strips to a surface. However, you need to make sure that the nails hold the strip perfectly and do not penetrate the LED light. So, the nail should act like an arch over the light strip. The process must be done carefully, because if you accidentally pierce the strip, you risk damaging the LED circuits.