There always comes that time of year when it is necessary to give the walls of the house a good scrubbing! There are some types of walls that are safely washable, others that you need to pay much more attention to, but one thing is certain: stains always appear. In order not to make too much effort, there are some methods that manage to dust the walls well from top to bottom so as to get rid of stains and dust. Let’s discover them together so you can have them looking like new in no time!

Corner broom

One thing that is very difficult to clean when we talk about walls are undoubtedly the corners. It is for this reason that I strongly recommend that you use a broom so that you can make this step quick and tire yourself little. So, take a soft-bristled broom and mount it on a sledgehammer long enough to reach the corners of the walls. Turn it upside down and then proceed by effectively removing the dust in the corners, also continue around the entire perimeter of the walls.

Dust catcher

For the rest of the wall, a broom might be slightly aggressive, so I suggest you prefer a dust catcher comforter. Make sure that the fibers are soft and especially that they are electrostatic, so that they effectively trap dust without transferring it from one area of the wall to another. Pass the comforter along the entire surface of the wall without spraying any particular products on top. In case the length of the comforter can’t reach the high parts of the wall, you can always tie it to a bat using scotch tape, this will make cleaning much easier. That’s it, we have completed the first part of wall cleaning!

For the stains

Not only dust, but alas, stains are also a tough nut to crack! Of all the places in the house where they form, walls are the ones we will always want to avoid, particularly when they are products of oily and greasy composition such as various foods. If you act promptly, you can try to solve the dirt problem, but let’s see the most common types of stains!

  • Mold: to remove it, pour 1 cup of white vinegar into 1 quart of water and transfer everything to a steamer. Spray on a cloth and then proceed by blotting very gently. You will see that it will come off in no time!
  • Markers: alas, these are the most obnoxious stains to remove, but you can try dissolving 1 tablespoon of bar soap flakes in a little water. Dip a small sponge into the solution and proceed by gently rubbing only on the affected area, then let it dry and if necessary, repeat the step several times.
  • Food: these are the ones we all dread a bit! If they are greasy stains, you can spread talcum powder over them so that the oily part is absorbed. Once dry, you will need to run a solution of water and vinegar over them. For all other stains you can use just water and vinegar without letting it soak in.
  • Weather stains: there are weather marks on walls as they age that are somewhat difficult to remove. Make a thick paste with baking soda and plain water, spread it on the stain and let it dry. Afterwards wipe it off with a cloth and you will see that it is gone or at least faded.
  • Shoe stripes: standing with shoes on the wall or accidentally forming stains happens very often. To remove them you will have to roll up some breadcrumbs and rub them on the stain.


Make sure the walls are washable before proceeding with the various remedies. If they are not, try in a hidden corner first so as not to risk staining them further or damaging them.