One of the most annoying and well-known problems in the kitchen is definitely that of clogged drains. The sink present in this room, in fact, over time easily tends to clog. This is because food residues and other substances that create problems often end up in it.  It is not uncommon to be faced with a slow or clogged drain. But never fear! There is a solution that can be really effective: we are talking about a bottle with very special ingredients. Let’s see it together!

  • The “magic” bottle for clogged drains

Let’s talk about a nice trick for unclogging clogged drains. We will have to pour salt, about a cup, into an empty plastic bottle (let’s help ourselves with a funnel). Next, we will add a cup of baking soda and little by little some white vinegar. Be careful because a classic chemical reaction will be triggered, so proceed gradually. Once this phase is finished, we will go to close the bottle with the cap; next, we will start to shake everything to let the ingredients mix. In the end, we will simply have to pour the product into the sink to try to surge it: let it sit for a while. This solution is able to eliminate and remove dirt and lime scale. After half an hour, we will turn on the faucet and notice that the water flow will be regular!

  • How the trick works

But, how and why does this trick work? In fact, everything is related to the properties of the ingredients. White vinegar itself has anti-scale and descaling properties; baking soda, on the other hand, has abrasive power and is able to fight dirt at all levels. Some people underestimate the action of salt, which is actually essential for its disinfecting and anti-scale power.

  • Another remedy: citric acid

There is also another trick that can be used to try to clear clogged drains. This can also be accomplished, like the previous one, with ingredients we have at home. In this case we will take advantage of the action of citric acid, an ingredient that has properties very similar to those of vinegar. It succeeds in cleansing and de-fouling. We dilute about 1/3 lb of citric acid in 1 quart of warm water, then pour about ½ lb of baking soda down the drain. We wait a few seconds and pour the citric acid down the drain as well. Let it sit for a while and we will notice the “effervescent” reaction, and then pour some very hot water to clear the drain. The result will be truly amazing! Try it to believe.