Everyone is at risk of suddenly hearing the sound of a mosquito in their room or in their ear. You must have the tricks to know how to kill a mosquito in your room at night or in broad daylight.

Step by step instructions to get rid of mosquitoes from your bedroom. Here are the instructions that have been worked out through the experience of millions of people.  We recommend these methods to catch a mosquito in your bedroom or expel it from your house. However, all this requires certain actions on your part.

How to find a mosquito in your bedroom

It is one of the most annoying sounds that keep you awake at night when a mosquito buzzes in your ear. It’s too small to hit at once, so you can miss it several times, and it keeps buzzing until it lands on your unprotected skin to suck some of your blood. Since this is not the case, you need to turn on the lights in your room. The best source is your phone when it is by your side. However, do not hurry to turn it on. Stand up with your phone (or other light source) in hand and walk around until you hear the buzzing more clearly. Stand still until the mosquito lands on a wall near the light source. Then hold your flashlight close to the wall and turn it on. The mosquito will cast a disproportionate shadow on the wall, making it easier for you to break through it immediately. But hurry before he leaves.

There’s another way to look at it: Put a white blanket between your knees, and leave your phone or tablet with the screen on when you’re lying in bed. When you hear the mosquito, wait until it is attracted by your breath and the light. Then, thanks to the white cover, it will be clearly visible and easy to kill. Well, these methods are great against a single mosquito, but they will be useless if they keep invading your room. Make sure you have a mosquito net and keep your windows tightly closed at night.

How to attract a mosquito

Rather than trying to figure out how to find a mosquito, sometimes it makes more sense to bait it – for example, if it can hide in a hard-to-reach place and it’s physically impossible to kill it. Still, there are strategies you can use to lure it out of hiding and close enough to kill it. Here’s how to drive mosquitoes out of your bedroom.

The most drastic way to avoid being disturbed at night, however, is to prevent insects from showing up in your bedroom or home. This is a tricky thing to do if you open your windows every now and then to ventilate. Don’t ask yourself: where are mosquitoes hiding in the house? Just cover the area so they can’t stay.

The types of devices you can use for this are:

  • Electronic repellents: You can choose from a variety of top picks offered by independent reviewers. But even the best of them can’t grant 100% repellence.
  • Chemical repellents: Should be used with some caution.
  • Plant repellents: Mosquitoes, for some strange reason, may not appreciate the scent of certain flowers and plants such as lavender, basil, peppermint, geranium, lemongrass, marigold and others. Have them planted in your windows so intruders can smell them from a distance and turn away.