You’ve discovered countless circular holes in your shirts and sweaters? Then clothes moths have probably spread through your closet. A simple home remedy should now help you fight the vermin. But does lavender really help against moths? There are countless tips and methods to fight clothes moths. Why lavender of all things has proven itself against moths, we explain here. 

Lavender against moths: Does this home remedy really help? 

It’s true: lavender helps to get rid of moths – even scientific studies have confirmed this. The vermin can’t stand the typical smell of lavender and therefore prefer to stay away. It doesn’t matter whether you use fresh or dried lavender. Moth balls or small scented bags with lavender scent are also available in stores. Alternatively, you can also make a lavender scented bag yourself. 

Lavender scents ack yourself 

You have a lavender in your garden or on your balcony? Great! Cut a few flowering branches and fill the flowers in small bags. If you like, you can also use dried lavender for this. Close the bags with a string and then put them in your closet to drive away the moths. By the way, lavender can also be used as a preventive measure against moths, so that they don’t settle in your closet in the first place. Another advantage is that lavender is a natural household remedy that does not harm humans or animals. 

When lavender does not help against moths 

If you use lavender over a longer period of time to fight the vermin, the moths may get used to the smell. This means that the deterrent effect will diminish over time. To prevent this, you should regularly renew the lavender scent in your closet. Sometimes, however, the smell of lavender is simply not enough to get the problem under control. Then only chemical products or a glue trap can help. But it’s always worth a try! And if your shirts and sweaters have fallen victim to the clothes moths, you can find a simple method to patch the holes here.