Sprinkle some sugar on the broom, what happens will leave you speechless. It is a little-known trick, here is how it works.

Spring is here, temperatures are starting to rise, days are getting longer, and the sun is shining more often. Summer is just around the corner and this cyclical change that affects all of nature begins to take place. Nature awakens, flowers bloom again, trees thicken. The first insects, which have spent this long winter in peace, appear. Yes, it is a very beautiful picture of rebirth, but there is a danger that very soon it will become hell.

There are many insects and there are many different species. We don’t notice it immediately, but they slowly start to invade our house. Until one day we happen to notice a walking cockroach on the floor and right after that a second, third and fourth cockroach here and there around the house. Although not a dangerous or poisonous insect, its presence can be extremely annoying and even repulsive to many. In summer it can happen with many different types of insects, but here in Italy it happens mainly with cockroaches or ants. But how can we prevent them from entering our home?here is the way to prevent their unwanted appearance.

Put an end to cockroaches in the house: here are our tips

It is completely understandable and legitimate to look for a way to keep cockroaches away from your home. They are harmless insects and not dangerous to human health, but they are downright disgusting. No one wants to live with cockroaches hiding everywhere. As we know, prevention is always better than cure, and in the case of cockroaches, there is certainly a way to avoid their appearance. The first advice we can give you is to keep the house clean: cleanliness is an essential factor. Also, it is essential to make sure that there are no cracks or crevices, through which cockroaches could enter the home, and if necessary, plug them with appropriate tools.

There are many other ways to keep cockroaches out, but none of them can prevent the problem. In the general idea, the best way is to buy special insecticides. Insecticides work, but only if the problem is already there. They only serve to kill innocent insects the moment we see them, when we could have otherwise sent them away instead. They are also very expensive and significantly degrade the quality of the air we breathe. Not really a deal. The method to prevent them from appearing is that of sugar on the broom. Here’s what it is.

Put sugar on the broom: Goodbye cockroaches!

It is always better to avoid the appearance of cockroaches than to send them away and therefore have to deal with them. Cockroaches are insects that are very sensitive to external stimuli: light and odors affect them significantly. They always hide in the dark because light disturbs them, and immediately move away when they smell certain odors. The key to this method is exactly that: to remove them with products that repel their sense of smell.

If we sprinkle sugar with a little baking soda on the broom, the cockroaches do not even come close. The union of these two ingredients brings to life a repellent that is not dangerous for us or for cockroaches: they simply remove themselves. We place the broom at the most strategic and vulnerable points of their entry and there is not the slightest risk. If you follow this advice, you can spend a quieter summer without unpleasant surprises.