Dust is everywhere in the house, and it seems like a Herculean task to get rid of it. Because? Because it reforms irretrievably every day. So, radiators seem to further encourage its creation.

Every day we spend hours or hours cleaning, and the next day we clean again! The point is that most of us don’t continue with the right steps. We quickly dust with a dust buster and think we have it figured out. Instead, it returns on time and piles up. Being able to defeat the house’s biggest enemy, which is associated with sneezing and various allergies, and delay its reappearance is easy if we use some really ingenious tricks. Want to learn more? Get started!

Dust everywhere: if you really want to get rid of it, change the way you do your cleaning! Here’s how

To really get rid of dust, first equip yourself with a microfiber cloth. Leave every other alternative tool that is praised in advertisements in the drawer, only it is able to act antistatic and magnetize it. Now start with the carpets and throw them on the balcony, then vacuum them. Switch to sofas and armchairs and clean them of crumbs and hair if you have 4-legged friends. Wash the curtains twice a year to get rid of the accumulated dirt, then move on to the furniture.

Grab your special tea towel and dampen it with water and vinegar. It is an environmentally friendly and effective compound that is able to disinfect and polish at the same time. Start at the top shelves and work your way down. Wipe it down everywhere, including radiators and walls.

Finally, take care of the floors. You can do this in a jiffy with a vacuum cleaner, of course, but remember to clean the filter regularly too. Then wash the surfaces, do this at least twice a week, more often in the presence of animals in the house. Change the bed linen frequently and also clean the mattress, mites and dust lurk here too.

If you follow our advice and proceed in this order, you can say goodbye to daily cleaning and delay your continuous efforts by a few days!