Summer is in full swing and with the increasing heat, flies are coming home in droves. It becomes a real headache to banish them from your home. We’re guessing you’re exhausted from chasing them out of your hand all day. Especially since some of them are really stubborn and seem to taunt you. In general, we don’t get rid of these insects so easily. They coexist with us; we get used to them over time and even refuse to kill them. However, there are really times when they poison our existence. Especially the famous flies that stick to your skin and invade your space. Don’t worry, we will reveal some infallible tricks to keep them away from your interior and spend the rest of the time

Although you wouldn’t hurt a fly, these little critters are less harmless than they look. Granted, these insects are some of the most harmful and annoying. And for good reason, they come into contact with our food and can transmit various diseases to us. Quickly discover this natural and particularly effective means to drive them away.

A trick to get rid of flies

This trick may seem unusual at first, but you really need to test it to understand its full value. Take a glass and fill it with water. Add a few sprigs of fresh cilantro. Place the jar on the dining table while you eat to protect yourself from these pests. The advantage is that you can eat lunch or dinner with peace of mind, because flies cannot stand the smell of cilantro at all. They will escape this aromatic herb and will not disturb you while you eat. So not only will you be quiet for a while, but you will also benefit from the delicate scent of cilantro perfuming the room.

Other means to prevent flies from entering your home

  • Aromatic plants to repel flies

Besides cilantro, other aromatic herbs will have the same repellent effect on flies, as well as mosquitoes. Sprinkle a few leaves of lavender, mint, rosemary, basil or eucalyptus in different areas of the house. You can also use the same method we mentioned above or use essential oils in a spray bottle. By killing two birds with one stone, you will enjoy a pleasant smell at home and fight the presence of flies at the same time. One thing is for sure, if you choose strategic places, these insects will not be relevant!

  • Vinegar trap to catch flies

You do not attract flies with vinegar? It all depends on who we are talking about. White vinegar, in fact, clearly repels flies due to its strong acidic odor. Apple cider vinegar, on the other hand, which is milder, attracts them. So, the idea would be to make a fly trap: The trick is to break a bottle of water from the top and pour 1.5 fl oz of apple cider vinegar over it. Then, you have to turn the neck of the bottle again, but this time upside down, in the shape of a funnel and open the container so that the flies penetrate to the vinegar. After a while, this liquid will stun them, and they will be trapped inside. It will therefore be very difficult for them to get out.

NB: It is still possible to mix white vinegar with a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oil. Mix everything well and pour the solution into a sprayer. Spray outside on the side of doors and windows. This remedy will act as a clever dam!

  • Garlic or lemon with cloves

You may not know it, but lemon is a citrus fruit that largely repels flies. Therefore, it is a great tool to use as often as possible: All you have to do is cut one half in half and stick a few cloves in the middle. Then, place these lemon slices by the windows or directly on the garden table where you usually eat. This is the ideal way to keep flies away from the environment. To complete this remedy, you can also put some chopped garlic on the side of the front door or sash windows. This smell causes panic attacks, be sure to keep them away.

  • Keep the house clean

Similar to cockroaches, flies are especially attracted to food scraps and food waste. Obviously, the simplest and most effective solution to avoid fly invasion is a hygienically clean interior. In this sense, it is important to clean the vulnerable areas, empty and disinfect the trash cans, avoid garbage (even the crumbs lying everywhere!) and check that the water in the toilets does not stagnate. So, remember to always cover the trash can when it’s filled with garbage.

Homemade fly repellent

And why not make your own homemade repellent that is natural, economic and ecological?

You’ll need:

  • ½ glass of white vinegar
  • ½ glass of water
  • A vaporizer
  • Mix everything well and put it in the vaporizer. You should only spray the fly when it is flying near you. The contact of vinegar on its paws annoys it and it will quickly move away from this environment that annoys it.


Finally, as mentioned above, eucalyptus is a powerful repellent that will drive away any flies lurking around you. Dip a few leaves in a container of water that you will boil. You will soon smell a very pleasant aroma in the house, but you will also notice that the flies and mosquitoes will gradually move away from your perimeter. Yes, they dislike this smell terribly. Bet won!