What is the best way to fight fruit flies in the kitchen? Fortunately, there are many different ways to combat the nasty flies – home remedies, remedies from the supermarket or even from the nursery:

  • Fly Trap

Commercial fly traps are treated with an attractant and a sticky substance, and once they land, they prevent the flies from flying away again. They stick to the surface and die. The only drawback: many people don’t like the look of a sticky strip of dead flies.

A rather unknown weapon against fruit flies are carnivorous plants, such as butterwort and sundew. These types of plants are relatively low-maintenance and catch a large number of insects throughout the year, so there is no longer an invasion to fight in your own kitchen.

  • Home remedy

An alternative for mild infestations can be a homemade fly trap. To do this, simply mix a little vinegar, red wine or fruit juice with some dishwashing liquid, close the jar with foil and a rubber band and poke a few holes in it. This way, the flies will be attracted to the smell, climb into the jar and have no way of escaping the liquid.

  • Household appliances

If the infestation is really severe, the only thing that helps is the vacuum cleaner. If the wide floor nozzle is removed or a hand-held vacuum cleaner is grabbed, as soon as the little flies have sat down, the vacuuming starts. It may be necessary to repeat this process several times to significantly reduce the infestation.

Where do the insects come from and how do I prevent the invasion?

Fruit flies can enter the kitchen through windows as well as purchased fruit. The latter is more likely and can quickly cause the infestation to suddenly increase. After the female flies make it into the kitchen, they lay their eggs in the fruit bowl. Within a day, the tiny larvae hatch and feed on the fresh fruit. Within nine more days, the flies hatch and can quickly multiply a hundredfold – so what starts as an annoying nuisance quickly turns into a real nuisance.

But how can such an invasion be prevented?

  • Store fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator
  • Wash dishes with food or drink residues quickly
  • Take out trash cans with kitchen waste in good time
  • Cover open fruit with a fly screen
  • Wash robust fruit with hot water

In the fight against fruit fly infestation, there are many effective solutions to drive away the pesky insects. A combination of measures can prevent the pest from reproducing or even occurring. With a little patience and regular cleaning, kitchens can be kept fruit fly-free and once again look inviting.