For this reason, more and more people choose to put carnations outside their homes. This is a practice that should be done in March. In this article, we reveal an incredible practice that so many people do exactly in this month of March. Once you know it, we are sure that you will never give it up.

Spices, all the uses of cloves

Cloves are used extensively in our kitchens as a spice. They have a unique and unrepeatable fragrance, perfect to turn any kind of dish into a masterpiece. Not everyone knows it, but cloves are often the secret ingredient in soups and soups that our grandmothers prepared for us. They are also used by many famous chefs when preparing sauces and roasts. Sometimes they are also found in aged cheeses. Cloves are also often used by bartenders to create exclusive cocktails. If you are curious and want to discover the full potential of cloves, we suggest you start using them to season rice and pasta, for example. If you are a real fan of this enveloping and deep flavor, we also recommend you to prepare hot drinks, perfect for the winter season and the beginning of spring. One of the most famous that uses this very ingredient is mulled wine. In addition to cooking, you can use cloves outside the home. Here below we reveal how to do it and especially how they manage to solve a very annoying problem that unites us all without exception.

Cloves outside the house

Not everyone knows that cloves can be used not only for cooking, but also for another very unexpected method. Just put cloves in front of your house to make the magic happen! All people put them in front of the house in March to ward off the insects, which are beginning to populate the garden and balcony and are in danger of entering the house.

If you too want to fight the annoying insect problem, you know that you just have to get cloves and mix them with salt. At this point, you can put the mixture in a bowl that should always be outside the house. For an even stronger effect and also more pleasing to the eye, you can cut lemons and add both salt and cloves there. It is an incredible solution that can repel any kind of insects. The solution is really used by everyone, even those who know how important it is to protect any kind of species. Insects are also important for the protection of our environment.

For this very reason, this method does not harm insects, but simply drives them away. The smell of cloves outside the house, enhanced by salt and lemon, is in fact unbearable for these small animals.