Flies are constantly flying around the kitchen. With this little-known remedy, it only takes 10 minutes for them to disappear.

Needless to get around, flies are annoying and pop up everywhere. Their ideal place is the kitchen, where they can find food scraps or lean directly on plates while preparing lunch or dinner. It is not recommended to find repellents that may contain polluting or chemical ingredients that not only harm the environment, but also your wallet. Some experts reveal a trick with an unexpected natural ingredient rich in properties to scare away flies in no time.

What are flies attracted to?

The fly is a special animal that bases its day on the search for all kinds of food, especially fermented substances. Their favorites are syrup or cider or fruit and any other type of greedy ingredient.

The best method is obviously to use natural ingredients, apart from aggressive chemical repellents that endanger health. Flies are there at all times of the year, invading your home and laying their eggs in the most unexpected places.

Out of respect for nature and beyond, it’s better to use repellents with natural ingredients that can keep flies – or insects in general – away so they can’t return to this house or kitchen. By making scented blends, but only to the human sense of smell, these insects can no longer return to this house with an annoying odor.

Natural fly repellent with only two ingredients

To make a repellent that will repel all insects, including flies, from the kitchen, you will need the following:

  • Rice vinegar
  • A plastic bottle.
  • A teaspoon of washing-up liquid.

The mixture combines an ingredient loved by insects, which meets the acrid smell of dishwashing liquid. A kind of love and hate that will drive them out of the house in seconds. We continue by cutting off the top part of the bottle and then turn it upside down, creating a kind of funnel. Attach the two parts with the help of tape. Pour a small amount of water, a spoonful of rice vinegar and a spoonful of dishwashing liquid on the bottom. Of course, the mixture must be changed at least once a week, so that it is strong enough.

Many people use rice water instead of rice vinegar, which is still great for getting rid of kitchen flies. Are there any alternatives? In some corners of the house, you can also put a bowl of white wine vinegar, whose pungent smell will take all the insects to other places without invading the kitchen. One recommendation: keep these repellents away from children and four-legged friends.