This is a home remedy that not only perfumes all rooms but keeps mosquitoes away permanently. 

The home remedy, which not only spreads an excellent scent throughout the house, defeats the attack of mosquitoes. How is it possible? Do-it-yourself experts have joined forces with cleaning professionals and created something unique and completely natural. Ingredients that blend together, create something aesthetically pleasing as well as something that can help restore home wellness. Let’s find out together how to do it? 

Remedies to perfume the house: Ingredients 

The home fragrance was developed by wellness professionals and do-it-yourself experts. In fact, it is enough to consider some completely natural ingredients to create something unique that is also beautiful to look at. It has never been so easy to make rooms look and smell classy. But beware, this method is also optimal for keeping mosquitoes away and acts as a true repellent. 

The ingredients to consider are the following: 

  • 1 large lemon;
  • 1 small lemon;
  • cloves;
  • Bamboo sticks;
  • 2 white candles.

Cloves and lemon combine their properties to obtain a unique natural method. Not only antibacterial effect, but also disinfectant, repellent and excellent for perfuming the whole house. The cloves are introduced into the lemon pulp, as shown in the photo, to bring the two ingredients together. And then? The process of creating the home method is simple and fun. 

Repel mosquitoes and perfume rooms: Procedure 

The procedure, as industry experts show, is as follows: 

  • Take the large lemon and remove its cap so that it rests on the flat surface. It must also be cut into two parts;
  • Insert the cloves into the pulp, along the entire available surface on both sides.
  • Place the two lemons enriched with cloves on the ground . Then take the candles, cut a piece of them to make them small and insert them in the central part of the lemon. Immediately after, take the bamboo sticks and stick 4 of them on each available lemon piece.
  • At this point, the small lemon is cut in two and then added to the structure as if forming a cap.

It’s time to light the candle and enjoy the show. These small natural lanterns spread a delicious scent throughout the house when heating the lemon pulp and cloves. Not only that, but this smell is also not liked by most insects. This means that mosquitoes flee in a few seconds, annoyed by the released aroma.