Guess who’s coming back to wreak havoc on your balconies? Yes, that pigeon you happened to notice yesterday is just the first in a long line! You see, it’s the height of the breeding season for these gray-clad birds. So, expect them to flood the roof, balcony and terrace. The problem is that not only are they particularly noisy, but they also leave trails where they pass. Pigeons are notorious for destroying tiles, soiling garden furniture and scattering nasty, bacteria-filled droppings. Never be a victim of all their damage again! This year, you’ll outrun them and chase them ruthlessly. With our little tricks, there are even more pigeons on the horizon!

What are the best repellents against pigeons?

Every year it’s the same refrain: you despair of finding a radical solution to drive away these unlucky birds. You dream in vain to get rid once and for all of this horde of pigeons that refuse to leave the roof and balconies. If only they were harmless! But in fact, no, in addition to the mess they leave behind, their droppings are corrosive and significantly damage steel and even concrete. And that’s not all: their droppings contain fungi that are dangerous to health, causing certain diseases such as cryptococcosis and histoplasmosis. No wonder they have such a bad reputation. So, it’s out of the question to take even the slightest risk. You think you are smart? Never mind! With even more cunning, you will drive them out of your sight.

  • Use balloons to scare away pigeons

Yes, the idea sounds funny, but believe us, it works wonderfully! We don’t know exactly why, but pigeons are afraid of colorful balloons flying in the wind. So, use it: hang a few balloons on the balcony railing and you will notice that they leave the area. It works even better with plastic figures, such as a hawk or an eagle. The pigeons will be so scared of it that they will move as far away from you as possible.

  • Rely on essential oils

This will always fascinate us, but it is clear that most birds and insects cannot tolerate the intense smell of essential oils. The very ones whose scent we love and fill our homes with a delicate fragrance. Well, the pigeons flee from these smells like the plague. So much better! Oops, we spread a little eucalyptus and peppermint essential oil on the roof, windowsills, garden path and in all the corners where these unwanted animals like to land. However, since these smells dissipate quite quickly, it would be ideal to develop a spray bottle diluted with water to always have this spray mixture on hand.

  • Pigeons hate the smell of cinnamon

Ah, cinnamon … Who doesn’t love this heady spice that adds a special touch to dishes and cakes? You probably have some in the kitchen, right? It turns out that its smell, both pungent and spicy, is a real pain for those flying parasites. The scent of cinnamon quickly irritates the sinuses of pigeons. Make sure they stay away from your home! The same goes for essential oils, all you need to do is mix a little cinnamon powder with water in a spray bottle. And from now on, with the spray in hand, you can generously spray the liquid on all the areas frequented by pigeons. And voila!


Note: If you run out of cinnamon, chili powder or pepper powder is also a good alternative. But beware, this solution is only temporary, as the scent will quickly disappear due to wind and rain. Therefore, you will be forced to repeat the spraying process frequently. Since you work all week, do not hesitate to drop off the package on the weekend.

  • Vinegar, the weapon against pigeons

As with most flying pests, vinegar is known to drive them away mercilessly. Its strong, pungent odor can be detected from a distance. So, it’s also a promising way to drive away those ugly pigeons! This unpleasant smell noticeably disturbs the dog’s sense of smell. So don’t skimp on the product and sprinkle white vinegar or apple cider all over the house as often as possible.

  • Black pepper to drive away pigeons

Finally, if black pepper adds zing to your food and spices up all your dishes, tell yourself it’s also a secret weapon against pigeons. You absolutely hate its strong and spicy smell. Don’t dislike its taste, either. Sprinkle it on windowsills, on the roof and on terraces. And you will finally have the peace you have been dreaming of! For example, as soon as they approach the balcony, the smell of black pepper immediately penetrates them, and they break in a flash. Make sure that the spice is strong. But no matter what, pigeons have an incredibly strong sense of smell, so they can smell it from afar!