o drive away rats is not so easy. Many supposed tips do not bring much. This article shows which remedies really help.

Whether in the house or in the garden: rats are extremely unpopular guests. Not without reason, many people find the rodents disgusting – after all, rats can transmit diseases. Getting rid of them usually requires a little patience. However, some methods work reliably against the rodents.

Getting rid of rats – what to look for in rat traps

The Institute of Pest Science recommends using traps to control rats. A distinction is made here between impact traps, which kill the animals, and live traps.

Important in both cases: Traps must be checked daily for animal welfare reasons. Live traps must also be equipped with water and food for the animals.

The rat does not fall into the trap – what helps now

The biggest problem with this type of rat control: the rat does not fall into the trap. If the rat hunt is unsuccessful, the following measures can help:

  • Rat traps should always be set up on the rodents’ walking paths, explains the Federal Environment Agency. These are therefore to be located beforehand. In the house they are for example frequently under furniture or shelves, outside at house walls or in protected corners.
  • A helpful trick for beating traps is to first set them up for a few days without tightening them. In this way, the animals get used to the new supposed food source and are more likely to fall into the trap.
    The best home remedy against rats – this bait they cannot resist

The most crucial thing when catching rats is the right bait. Thus, attempts to catch the animals with bacon, cheese, or bread often remain unsuccessful. Because apparently rats are real “gourmets”. However, as hobby gardeners plagued by rats report, one food reliably helps to catch the animals: commercially available nut nougat cream, such as Nutella.

In fact, the Federal Environment Agency also recommends using nut nougat cream as bait. Peanut butter is also preferred by rats. The most reliable method to get rid of rats in the garden is apparently a rat trap, in which Nutella or peanut butter are laid out.

Rats drive away – these methods are to prevent the rodents

Animal rights activists advise not letting rats into the house or garden in the first place, rather than fighting them later. Tips on how to prevent rats are provided by the Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU):

  • Since rats have a very fine sense of smell, We recommend using turpentine against the animals. To press a rag soaked in turpentine before the rat building should keep them away.
  • The same can also work with vinegar or vinegar essence.
  • The German Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) recommends installing grids on basement windows and drain covers.
  • Pest control organizations also advise keeping vegetation short to minimize sheltering opportunities.
  • For this reason, garbage, toys lying around, or wood should also be cleared away if possible.
  • Also important to keep rats away: Food scraps do not belong in the compost.

Fighting rats – experts warn against rat poison

For reasons of nature and animal protection, rat poison should not be used, warns the pest control organization. The Institute for Pest Science also points out how dangerous rat poisons are for humans and pets as well. Anyone with children or pets should not use the products, which contain toxic active ingredients such as brodifacoum, flocoumafen, or difethialone. The agents are also toxic to aquatic organisms and would be difficult to break down in nature, explains the pest control organization. In addition, the rats would die slowly and very painfully.

Baking soda against rats – these household remedies are useless

It is also not advisable to rely on baking soda. Unlike fighting ants with baking soda, the supposed home remedy is not strong enough to reliably kill the animals. Instead, they only suffer. Less agonizing, but also mostly ineffective, are various spice scents recommended against rats. Even devices such as sound and vibration generators are usually not effective, according to the pest control organization. Those who can’t get their rat problem under control at all should basically not hesitate to call an exterminator.