Have you discovered rats in your garden? Aside from the fear and disgust their presence causes, these pests can do a lot of damage in your garden. Fortunately, there are 3 effective and natural solutions to keep them away from your outdoor spaces. We’ll tell you all about it. Rats reproduce quickly and can transmit serious diseases through their bodily fluids that can endanger your health, the health of your children and your pets!

What attracts rats to a yard?

Did you know? Rats are omnivores. So, they eat a little bit of everything! And if they are attracted to your garden, it’s mainly because they can find plenty of food there. It can be seeds, fruits and vegetables arranged in certain corners of your exterior. What they eat depends especially on what they find along the way. They may also feed on worms, small insects and small birds. Rats also find shelter in the garden to protect themselves from predators and bad weather.

How to get rid of rodents from your garden naturally and quickly? 3 techniques for rats, moles and mice

Among the signs that indicate the presence of these rodents we find: Gnaw marks, urine or grease marks on the walls and droppings. If they have not yet established a nest in your garden, you must act quickly to make their environment less attractive. Here are some preventative techniques you can use. It will certainly work!

  1. To get rid of them, eliminate food sources: Compost, seeds and nuts

As you must have understood, the first thing that attracts rodents to the garden is food. Whether it’s plant debris, pet food from the compost pile, seeds or bulbs, nothing should be available to them. Be sure to keep them away from fences and walls and use small amounts so you don’t make a mess. Additionally, you can protect the storage containers with tightly woven wire. If you also have fruit trees, remember to pick up anything that falls from your tree. By also removing any water sources that may quench their thirst, rodents will no longer be able to approach your garden!

  1. Cover all holes that can serve as a refuge for rats

Another bad news: rats love chaos. They don’t hesitate to build their nest in the most remote corners of your garden. To prevent them from seeking refuge there, make sure it’s well-maintained on a regular basis. Declutter it as much as possible! Don’t leave wooden pallets or boxes lying around on the patio, and don’t hesitate to mow the lawn and trim the plants. It’s also important to close up any holes in the floors and walls of the garden, as well as open pipes. Also feel free to move things around your yard. Rats are “neophobic,” meaning they don’t like change. If they do so, they won’t have the courage to venture into unfamiliar territory!

  1. Use repellents for essential oils to repel them once and for all

Rats have a highly developed sense of smell. So there is nothing better than strong odors to keep them away of your garden.