As soon as cockroaches invade your home, panic sets in! These harmful insects are not only a daily nuisance, but they can also transmit many bacteria. Fortunately, a simple and natural grandmother trick will help keep them away quickly.

These pests like warm, moist places. They multiply quickly and show the tip of their noses at all times of the day as they traverse all rooms of the house in search of food. There are many insecticides on the market to control these insects, but natural solutions are also effective, especially since they pose fewer health risks and are less toxic to the environment.

What is this trick that can get rid of cockroaches from the house?

Grandma’s remedies keep popping up to make everyday life easier for families. Among these remedies, a natural trick eliminates cockroaches, these harmful roommates. However, before using a remedy against cockroaches, it is important to regularly clean your home to eliminate crumbs and kitchen residues that can be the first source of their appearance.

  • Opt for sugar and baking soda as a roach repellent

Sugar is an effective cooking ingredient against cockroaches. It can be used both in the house and on terraces and balconies. To use it, simply mix one jar of sugar and one jar of baking soda in a container. Divide everything into cups before placing them in infested areas or in warm, moist areas of the house. The sugar will thus help attract these insects, while the baking soda, once ingested, will permanently eliminate the roaches.

More tips for dealing with cockroaches invading your home

Alternative solutions can be used to control these unwanted insects.   It is possible to make homemade repellents with 100% natural ingredients.

  • Use chili water to kill cockroaches

Cayenne pepper powder is a natural repellent against cockroaches. It is possible to sprinkle it alone in places frequented by cockroaches or mix it with other ingredients. To do this, mix 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper, a clove of garlic and some onion in a pot. Boil everything or let it sit for an hour before spraying the liquid in the corners most frequented by cockroaches.

  • Arrange slices of cucumber to keep cockroaches away

Cucumber is indeed an excellent insect repellent. It is quite possible to recycle the peels of the cucumber and place them on aluminum foil. Leave overnight.  The combination of this vegetable and aluminum creates a chemical reaction that releases a repulsive odor to cockroaches. It is also possible to arrange cucumber strips on small plates and spread them in the main corners of the house. However, remember to replace the cucumber slices regularly for a long-lasting effect. This natural insecticide also repels gastropods, including slugs and slugs.

  • Place aromatic plants to repel cockroaches

Certain plants that have a repellent effect can also help you get rid of roaches. These are lavender and laurel, in particular. Cockroaches hate their smell, which quickly keeps them away. It is enough to place a few leaves in the corners of the house, in the garden and on the windowsills.  It is possible to use these plants in essential oils. Put 5 to 10 drops of lavender essential oil or lemon eucalyptus essential oil on pieces of cotton before placing them in the corners frequented by cockroaches, especially in the closets.

Anti-roach solutions are many and varied. The sweet trick drives these pests out of the house. Other effective and natural methods can be tested at home. Make your choice!