Spiders feel especially at home in dark, damp corners like those in our basements – until now! Here’s how to get rid of the unwelcome co-inhabitants.

The spider – not so useless at all

“How disgusting, a spider!” Who has not uttered or heard this sentence before? Yet spiders are really useful animals: After all, they catch annoying insects such as flies, wasps and mosquitoes with their web. In addition, the majority of spiders in American households are not dangerous. But if you still want to remove the creepy-crawlies, we have the right tips and tricks for you here!

5 tricks against spiders in the cellar

1 Scented oils: Fight the eight-legged creepy crawlies with scents

Who would have thought? Spiders are sensitive to smell and don’t like certain scents. Perfect for keeping the unwanted roommates at bay! The big seller among scents is peppermint oil, as a 2018 study in the Journal of Economic Entomology found. Thyme oil, sandalwood oil and clove oil are other fragrance oils that were studied – but for their effect on mites and ticks. Since these are also arachnids, it may be worth at least trying them as well.

2 Plants: Eliminate mosquitoes and flies – with a practical side effect

Another trick in the fight against annoying spiders in your basement or house are some plants. Basil, rosemary, lavender, tomatoes and even catnip are useful for getting rid of flies and mosquitoes. “Yeah, great, flies and mosquitoes are all well and good, but what about spiders, please,” you ask? Spiders only go where they find their food and that includes flies and mosquitoes. So if those fall away, so do the spiders.

3 Vinegar: The successful anti-spider spray

While not a fragrance oil, it’s also a scent that spiders don’t like to smell at all: Vinegar! Vinegar is another scent that turns spiders’ stomachs and makes them run away. Simply spray a water-vinegar mixture regularly around the house. You should pay special attention to dark corners, because this is where spiders prefer to hunt their prey. Home remedies like scented oils or vinegar can make our lives a lot easier.

4 Chestnuts: The free trick for autumn

For humans pleasantly scent-neutral, but apparently all the lousier in the smell for the creepy-crawlies: If you spread chestnuts on the floor, furniture and windowsills, you keep spiders away. The big advantage: the nut fruits are collected quickly and free of charge in the fall. However, they lose their smell over time, so you should replace them once a month.

5 The ultimate tip: don’t let spiders in in the first place

To save yourself an annoying expulsion battle with spiders, there is a very simple trick: don’t let them enter your four walls in the first place! That’s certainly easier said than done, you think? Well: spiders only seek out the warmth in houses when they can no longer find shelter in nature. This includes small piles of wood, piles of stones, and even faded shrubs. Here everywhere eight-legged creatures can find prey and make themselves comfortable. So now you know what precautions you should take in your garden or on the green space in front of your house.